Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thought I'd had a good race today, but official times are up and it's the same cr*ppy time as last year. Going to go tidy up, mope, and eat pizza with Phil and come back when I'm not in a stupid grump.



Mike said...


Was your bike easier/faster though? Bet the weather made those downhills a bit tricky!

Hopefully you'll pull some positives from the day after a mope and a bit of pizza.

Mike said...

Just read your Buckeye report and it sounds like you had a MUCH better race. Six mins better on the bike is a great sign for Rotorua :)

Westy said...

Yes I reckon you had a good day Kate... it's always difficult to compare times from previous years.
This year the wind was strong making the bike a lot harder, and for once the swim wasn't short... in fact I think it was over 1500m.
Tough and cold day out there :-( So I think a defo improvement overall. There weren't many people racing either especially in the mid pack agegroupers... I'd imagine you'd of been on your own for much of the race... same with Phil.

Kate said...

Thanks dudes.. that's pretty much exactly what the race report will say, was just GUTTED to come home and see that official time was 3:26 when, by my mid-race calculations, I was heading for about a 3:19!