Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My non-whiny race report is on its way. Sloooowly.

For now, some not-so-hot photos of me finishing (and even VIDEOS. Can you spot me?).. and some much hotter photos of Phil sprinting off the Bald Guy in Black (and "winning", although subsequent stalking shows that the Bald Guy in Black was actually faster).



Pip said...

OMG - what was with those women walking two abreast over the bridge while the marshals were yelling at people to move to the side? Hilarious! And I still don't think you look that bad ...

Aaron said...

I think Phil has been watching too many Ursain Bolt races with the showboating at the end...fair enough though that was quick!

Thought your photo #7 was the best - you are leading in that one!