Friday, October 29, 2010

Mafia Mini Tri: Mini Report

Swim: Slow. Barely caught up to Phil. About 10 mins for 600m (downstream) + T1?

Bike: Slow. Passed by pretty much everyone. First fast dudes. Then a normal chick. Then fat dudes. Then a duathlete chick. Gave it everything I had (not much) to pass her back, but she overtook me in T2 and creamed me on the run. 16km in 36 mins. Ghastly.

Run: Slow. EVERY SINGLE k was over 5:00. Had no hope of catching my rival so just soldiered on. Didn't see ANYONE on the way back. DFL. 4km in 21:00ish.

(seriously though- this was NOT my best work, but it simply was not DFL material. Ridiculous.)

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