Sunday, October 31, 2010

O for Oarsome October: Stats

(see my September stats post here)

Swim: 5:15 (September- 5:45)
Bike: 22:00 (September- 11:00)
Run: 19:15 (September- 19:05)

And some more randoms:

Total calories burned: 26,600 (September- 21,617)
Days of training: 30 /31 (Nice!)
Number of workouts: 46
Average training time per day: 1.30 (September- 1:12)
Average run pace: 9:41/mile (September- 10:08/mile)
Average run AHR: 152.89 (September- 154.08)

And some highlights:

It really was O for Oarsome! Now stay tuned for a Gnarly November, with volunteering adventures, a Half Ironman, and more!


Westy said...

Hey I like your stats Kate... If only all my coachees were as officious :-)
You can't argue... you're running faster this month... with less effort, cool.
Oh and don't worry about the last mini-tri... good just to get your first tri done and the initial shock to the system out the way... looking forward to summer! :-)

Britt said...

You are fabulous. This is awesome!! You are going to destroy that half ironman!

Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

Seriously - they are some awesome stats!! Great job!