Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gnarly November: Stats

(See my stats for September and October)

November was a weird month, as we’re combining training and racing. That means trying to get as much good fitness work in, but adding some extra rest days before and after tough events. It was a hard month, and maybe a somewhat disappointing start to the race season, but that's just life. Onwards and upwards!

The end result:

o Bike hours: 24:44, over 17 sessions (October- 22:00)
o Run hours: 7:47, over 11 sessions (October- 19:15)
o Swim hours: 8:30, over 12 sessions (October- 5:15)
o Total hours: 41 (just over a work-week), over 40 sessions
o Average training time per day: 1:22 (October- 1:30)
o Average run pace/AHR: 9:26/mi, 151.88 (October- 9:41/mile, 152.89)
o Total calories burned: 19,190 (or 639 per day) (October- 26,600)

There were some real lowlights:
  • I had my first ever DNF
  • 3 cyclists were killed in our region when a car hit their group (and two more killed elsewhere)

but plenty of highlights too:

I think we're all holding on for a happy December, and a merry Christmas!

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