Wednesday, January 05, 2011

December Stats

I've been a terribly delinquent blogger- December was a busy month, and we've just returned from a ten day camping trip- but I'm hoping to get up to date, as we have another week and a half off work (well, I have a week and a half... Phil has a week). Please bear with me as I post some belated December/2010/New Years type posts over the next few days.

First up, December stats!

December was a mixed month. A couple of average race performances and a big fat urgent case riiiight before Christmas (late nights for a whole week) had me feeling a bit meh.

But the numbers aren't too bad, I had a great swim at the Rotorua Half IM (37:55), and we did a good job of keeping up with training despite less than perfect weather and training grounds while on holiday, while having a marvellous time. And while I may not be thinner, at least I'm not fatter either!

So, here goes:

- Swim: 10:45 over 14 sessions (November 8:30)
- Bike: 20 hours over 12 sessions (November 24:44)
- Run: 12.5 hours over 16 sessions (November 7:47)
- Total hours: 43:15 (plus a 2 hour walk) (November 41)
- Average daily hours: 1:23 (November 1:22)
- Average run pace/AHR: 9:57 / 149.86 (November 151.88, 9:26/mi... the slower speed isn't surprising given the hills and offroad work we did on holiday!)
- Total calories burned 27,654 or 892 per day (November 19,190)

(go here for November stats and links to September and October)


Kate (What Kate is Cooking) said...

Glad to see you're back :)

valen said...

I laughed lots with your karapiro half report... sooo true

Westy said...

Oh I've missed your stats Kate... enlightening
You've burnt a lot more calories!