Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Dark

It feels like the dark has come back again SO SOON. 

It's been too dark for (unlit) morning runs for a few weeks, and it's now getting too dark for cycle commuting too (the latest we can leave is about 6:40, and it's getting light enough to ride at about 7).  Right now it's OK, as it's staying light until 7ish.  So we'll replace this morning's aborted commute with a good, hard Kairangi loop, and it'll all be good.  But it's reminded me how much the dark wore me down last year, and how little I want to repeat that!

So, I'm going to set a goal of getting our training dark proof by the end of March.  That means:

  • travelling into Hamilton to train before work every so often
  • buying a whole heap of new lights (another headlamp,  light up vest, helmet light, replacement rear light- anything else?)
  • thinking of ways to reward myself for getting my butt out of bed (other than improved fitness, self esteem and general sense of wellbeing, that is)
Any other suggestions?

1 comment:

Vaala said...

I know!! It feels like the dark has jumped out at me this time rather than slowly feeling it coming on. Plus we've had a rather sudden drop in temperature here too which is depressing...looks like winter is well on its way :(