Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Running naked

Yesterday was the first time in a LONG time that I’ve raced Garmin-free. And the first time in FOREVER (I think) that I’ve raced completely watch free. Although I was a bit nervous, I was pretty excited about this experiment, as I think I’ll be doing a standard distance tri data-free in a couple of weeks time. I’m pleased to announce that the experiment was a great success (even if my race wasn’t...) and that I’m looking forward to Naked Nats ;)

My previous efforts in the Hawks 5k race series are as follows:

• 5 October 2010: 24:56 (ghastly, but unsurprising given the length of time since my last 5k, and the uppy downy course)

• 14 October 2010: 23:36 (now that’s more like it)

• 21 October 2010: 23:19

• 25 January 2011: 25:06 (change of course to include more hills, and, well, let’s just say it was not a good day for me to be racing)

Unlike my old waterfront 5k series in Welly, I never quite know who I should be running with, so going watchless was going to be strange. Luckily, I remembered shortly after starting that I tend to finish near a tall teenaged girl, and that our races together tend to follow a similar pattern (I take off at the beginning, she reins me in and gets ahead, I pass her again, and we leapfrog til the end, where she beats me in a sprint). She gave me something to focus on, and sure enough, our race had soon settled into its familiar pattern. I spent quite a lot of the race catching a group, but only really managed to keep hold off the people who had fallen off the back. I caught my usual partner with a few hundred metres to go, and we leapfrogged before sprinting to the end (she won).

Final time, 23:52. Far from my best, but given how long it’s been since I did a fast 5k (I just don’t even COUNT the 25 January one), I’m not bothered. I really enjoyed running totally by feel, and I think it could be good for me.


Westy said...

Was this on the newer hillier course? Good time anyway... have to work on your sprint finishes ;-)

HotpotatoKate said...

Nah, the original course, so really not very impressive :(