Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fifty things

The obligatory fifty things:

1- I spend too much money on lattes. MMMMM latte!
2- I have two sisters, two stepsisters and two stepbrothers.
3- I don't like bacon or ham.
4- My favourite movie is The Sound of Music
5- French fries taste really good dipped in milkshakes
6- I am addicted to peanut butter- esp with carrots, celery, apples or raisins
7- I love music, and especially love to sing.
8- I got my first real taste for performance in a church production of Joseph
9- My first race was a half marathon.
10- I like the taste of tequila...
11- …but will never drink bourbon again
12- I am not really into pets, although I'm definitely not anti-pet, and really like cats and dogs
13- I used to be an absolute Beatles fanatic (still love them, no longer obsessed)
14- I listen to Les Miserables when I do long runs by myself
15- I never wanted to be a lawyer, but pretty much the moment I started law school, I knew it was right
16- I felt the same way about my job and the firm I work for.
17- I've felt that way about 2 guys, neither of whom felt that way about me (and one more- the current!)
18- I had a brief crush on my now-boyfriend 2 years ago, but had pretty much forgotten it until we "re-met" and got together 3 months ago. The first time I've ever gotten together with a crush
19- I prefer dark chocolate to milk or white
20- The thing I miss most about the states- cheerios! (since I first wrote this, we got them here! Yum! but they are more sugary and not as good)
21- I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi. (but please excuse any mistakes in my blog… despite the anal-stickler thing, I'm a tad careless and have hopeless attention to detail)
22- The last time I laughed my head off was about 5 minutes ago, reading about an end of work prank that someone had played at work.
23- Favourite tv shows; Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives
24- I love to read. I'm a sucker for brit-chick-lit, well- Marian Keyes, anyway, but also like "proper" books. Favourite recent reads; "Mother Tongue" and "Made in America" by Bill Bryson- Brilliant.
25- Major Harry Potter nerd
26- I'm a liberal Presbyterian. I believe in God, on some level, and believe that the fellowship and community of a good church can be really wonderful. However, I'm less than keen on churches that judge and require conformity
27- The worst race I ever had was the road relay champs this year. I never once felt strong and almost died going up the hill. I felt I let my team down, even though I really did give it my all.
28- My all time favourite run- my 3 legs of the Great Lakes Relay at the beginning of last year. I was team captain, and had to run 25k over the day, including some nasty hills. There were some truly horrible moments, and I almost started crying, but I made it.
29- My only protest march was in support of the Civil Union Bill.
30- The last time I cried was when Cecil's Dad ran to his dead body in HP and the Goblet of Fire. It was just one lonely tear. I honestly can't remember the last time I cried for real, which is somewhat concerning to me.
31-I love my job. Not a cool thing to say, but I do. Though it's not as if I wake up every morning and think "whoopee- time for work!" I do know that it's something I'm happy to be doing right now, andit feels like something that will continue to be satisfying and challenging in the future.
32-I've never been in the hospital, or even to A&E
33-My favourite overseas trip was our return to the US road trip in 1999. Closely followed by a day at the Iguazu Falls in 1995.
34-My most recent trip was to Rarotonga in June/July. Bliss in an NZ winter!
35-I'm planning to do the big trip in the next couple of years, and then spending a year doing my masters in Canada
36-Favourite colour- red or green
37-I like earrings
38-I'm planning on 3 kids
39-Right now I'm hungry
40-I love swimming in lakes/rivers/ocean
41- Always in my fridge: salad veges, yoghurt, milk, cottage cheese, strawberries in summer
42- Always in my pantry: couscous, chickpeas, kidney beans, tuna, crackers (on and off), dark chocolate squares, peanut butter.
43- Always in my freezer: frozen chili and pasta sauce, spinach, peas. Frozen berries when I'm rich, and ice blocks or frozen yoghurt in summer.
44- I wear glasses most of the time, contacts for special occasions.
45- I'm one of the only ppl I know who runs in glasses
46- My favourite people- my Mum, my two fabulous sisters and my wonderful boyfriend
47- My bike's name is Mike. He's red and I love him!
48- Favourite holiday is, without a doubt, Christmas.
49- I love board games (especially Scrabble)
50- My favourite fragrance is J'adore

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I sooooo love peanut butter, too!!! :)

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