Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I thought I would take this opportunity to publicly thank P and wish him happy birthday! Though "public" is overstating it, since he's about the only one who reads it. Anyhoo...

Dear P- thank you for being a fabulous boyfriend and support crew. Thanks for the leg rubs and for being patient with me when I've worked out and haven't been fed yet. Thanks for talking me through the tough times, and helping me finish my speedwork when I'm well over the treadmill. Thank you for rides to the gym and the pool. Thank you for understanding the occasional self absorption and the need to plan everything! Basically, thank you for being you. Happy Birthday!

Am struggling with the week off, but the thought of marathon training is helping. Must sleep, as that's the whole point of having a rest week.... Plus I'm fading!

(Oh yeah- I defamed the new gym in my last post. P discovered a whole room of weights upstairs and the ones we were using were just the circuit-y type ones. Ooops!!!)

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Jessi said...

Hi Kate!

Finally had a chance to swing by your blog and see what it was about, and now I'm catching up on all your old posts...

I just read your letter to your boyfriend and holy crap. I seriously could've written the same thing to my fiance! I mean, word for word - he does the same things for me (Race Support, leg massage. etc.), and I have the same faults (compulsive planner, cranky when hungry after training, etc.)