Monday, August 14, 2006

Wow- big weekly recap...
Last Saturday I wanted to get a decent workout in, but didn't want to hurt myself so decided to do a "mini tri brick" workout. Rode my bike down to the pool (fear/brake riding= something I definitely need to work on!!), swam about 1k (awful- too many people, too many waves...), biked 20 miles (uphill is also an area for improvement) and then ran for 25 or so mins. Distance would have been maybe 4-4.5k. So slow, and impossible to avoid hills where we live now!
Saturday night was P's work party, so got as dressed up as I could. We danced a bit, but were both so tired..Sunday I worked, caught up with a friend who's off overseas and then headed out to my best friend and her boy's place for dinner. Roast was divine, as were the decadent cinnamon chocolate puddings I made (if I do say so myself). My friend told me that she'd decided to sell her bike and trainer. The bike frame seemed too big (dammit!) but she let me take the trainer to try. Yay!
Unsurprisingly, weight had crept up to 63.8kg over the weekend, getting uncomfortably close to tight waistband territory. I am working on cutting down on sugar during the week. It's good, because I get the same number of calories from generally healthier food. And I can really enjoy my weekend indulgences.
Monday was uneventful. I rode my trainer for 40 mins in the morning, but ended up working late and missing my swim. It was my first trainer workout though- boy it was hard! Watched Fame with subtitles on- I guess it's not quite the same without the music, but it kept me amused well enough. We *had* to go out for dinner with some friends, so it was a tiring day and late-ish night. Malaysian was good, though!
Tuesday P and I went to the gym in the morning. I'm shopping for a new gym- since the move our regular gym is just too far to go in the mornings. We've got month passes to a sleeker, fancier gym slightly nearer to home and decided to check it out. Not impressed at all. Although there's more cardio equipment (good, considering I do my speedwork on the t/mill and have recently been a bit more dependent on the lower impact elliptical) the weights were rubbish. So instead of being good and doing weights, I hit the machines. I'm hopeless- if I am feeling fat I never want to do weights even though I know I need to. After work I "paced" P in a local 5k. My goal was to exercise control and finish as close to 25 as I could. P took off at the turn, and finished in 23mins. I achieved my goal, exactly. I didn't expect to kill myself in the process though, and left the "race"/tempo workout feeling a little down (though very excited for P's first race). It's hard. I want this to be a happy place. About the love I have for my training, the buzz I get from racing, and my successes. I at least wanted it to start like that! But oh well- that's not where I am right now. I hope that if I being patient, perservering and taking care of myself, I will be the old Kate again by summer! I went back to work and then headed to the pool to release some stress! Swim was wonderful- why do I never want to stop when I've only got 45 mins, but when I have time, and decide to "just do 45- more if I feel like it" I'm clockwatching the whole time??!
On Wednesday, I rode on the trainer for about 30 mins in the morning. I had planned a mid-week medium run (14km) with A for after work, but wanted to get some extra work in. Run after work was OK. I learnt a valuable lesson about food on Tues/Weds though. Don't create 1900 deficits. Just Don't.
Thursday I did pilates in the morning. My legs thanked me! I had planned to Spin with a good friend (who's training for a half IM) after work (and before a colleague's goodbye) but found out that I would be required to meet some new clients for drinks, so P and I decided to go at lunch. It was OK. I struggled to balance what my legs could do with what my heart could handle! After the dinner, I met my friends for the later part of a friend's Hens' Night! Lots of fun (was gutted to have missed out on the pole dancing) apart from being ID'd at one place while wearing my BUSINESS SUIT!!!! The drinking age here is 18!!!!
Friday I nursed my hangover. I ended up at the gym with my little sis, but we weren't in the mood, and really just pottered around. I was super PO'd when I got there, as I'd ended leaving work far later than necessary, and was late for her. So jumped on the treadmill and did 5 silly minutes hard and fast. God I love it. Just feeling my heart pound and my legs spin gave me just a bit of that buzz I'm trying to relocate...
Saturday I wanted to run. So bad. I was so excited to feel the desire again! Walked into town for an all day seminar and prayed that the weather and my motivation would both hold until the next day. No time for running before (neeeeeded sleeep) or after, as we had our housewarming that night. Housewarming was fun, if nerdy. P was given singstar 80s and Cranium as bday presents, and people also indulged in some drinking games, jumping to conclusions and charades. Felt a bit odd- a weird mix of friends were there, but just relaxed and went with it. I love living with P so much- he is absolutely amazing to me, so supportive. Awww.
On Sunday I slept and slept. Wonderful! I hadn't had much to drink, so when P got up for hockey, I headed out for my run. The weather was a gift. Sunny but not hot, slight breeze. Sea looked gorgeous, especially from the top of my favourite trail. But blah. The urge was still there, but the rest of me wasn't. Even Les Mis didn't help. I ran down to the coast, did a 21k loop and staggered back up the hill. For a few ks around half way through I felt OK. The rest of the time it was just effort effort effort. My legs have been sore from calf to glute ever since. They used to be able to do this! Having said that, although my week was no major biggie, in hindsight I had a lot on, and nowhere near enough sleep.
Goal for this week. Sleep. I think I might take this week off and then start marathon training next week IF I FEEL UP TO IT. If I don't, if the legs and lethargy persist, then Auckland can wait, and Rotorua 2007 can prepare for my can of whoopass.
This week looks like another busy one. We're heading down south for a wedding (and to see my Mum) so fly down on Thursday. It's P's birthday on Weds, so the rest of my time is consumed with that sort of thing!

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