Thursday, April 26, 2007

FIRST summary

It's just about marathon-eve, and I am buzzing with nerves and excitement. It's hard to eat, but I'm managing to cram enough calories in. I've had two days off work and plenty of sleep, so of course I'm yawning, and relishing the thought of another nap!

I am ready for Saturday. I don't know if I will break 4:00 (though at the library today I saw a book- nothing to do with running- called "5 minutes and 42 seconds"- my goal pace/k.. Is that a SIGN or what?!) but I know I can finish, and I am pretty sure I will. So, it's the time to reflect on my training- before my objectivity gets completely ruined by my race experience.

Average mileage: 26.5

Highest mileages: 37 (this is because I was sick the week of my 20-miler, do did fewer short runs)

Pace: My speedwork improved over shorter distances (5 of my 6 last 400s were under 1:30, whereas my other 400m workouts had been more like 1:40-1:45), and my long runs improved- my 20-miler time was roughly the same pace as my first 10-miler! My tempo also improved, on the whole. Earlier on my tempo was a little over 8:00- now on a normal day, it's 8:00 on the nose or a little under. There have been some bad days for all, and I haven't improved as much as I thought I had- ah well!

Comments: I have had a great time on FIRST. I have loved seeing every run as a challenge, and have particularly enjoyed my speedwork. I'm not sure how well trained I am for this race- I think I loved my speedwork too much and my tempo not enough, which brings me to these next thoughts...

What have I done right?

Adding easy runs for fun and run love
Missing workouts when necessary
Doing long runs with C- this has meant spending more time on my feet than I would have had I been running my own pace, and it has been good for C, and it's made long runs fun!

What have I done wrong?

Sometimes adding hard "easy" runs and getting sick
Missing tempo workouts and always doing my speedwork- for the first time ever my 5k time is far better than my half-M, quite backwards for m-thon training!
Doing too many of the longest runs with C- I have only done two runs over half-M distance alone and at my own pace, one 14-miler, and the 20-miler.

Time for a nap before I get everything else done!

Next post= Race Report!

PS: weather report features a BIG BLACK cloud with THREE drops of rain. I am scared!


The Scott Family said...

Good luck Kate! :)

Wes said...

You are going to be awesome. Weather be damned! The race will bring out your best and you will apply your skills and physical capabilities to the challenge, and you will succeed. Good luck, Kate. My thoughts will be with you...

JenC said...

Very excited for you! Have fun and good luck!

Rachel said...

You'll do great! No use worrying about how your training plan went now. Just show up at the start line ready to throw down! I can't wait to hear how it went!

teacherwoman said...

I love reading your "reflection" posts! Reminds me how important as a runner it is to reflect on what we have done and haven't done correctly or adequately.

Your race will be wonderful! I can't wait to read the report!

Good luck, hun!

Jessi said...

GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Michele said...

Look forward to seeing how FIRST worked for you and the sub 4.
Good luck.
Can't wait for the race report

Love2Run said...

Hey, you're going to do great! Good luck and have a blast breaking through sub-4! Cloudy means not hot and good running temps. Enjoy!

TriShannon said...

Good Luck!! You are going to do great!! Cannot wait for the report.

Curly Su said...

good luck; you're prepared, you're going to be great. if the weather is bad, just try to have fun anyway. there are millions of races to go under 4:00, and if this one is it, then great...but if it's not, then that's okay too...

nyflygirl said...

good luck!! as i've said before, the hard work is over, now the fun really begins... :)