Saturday, April 21, 2007


*** POST 100 ***

One week to go and I can't wait!

This week another biggish one work wise- nothing like last week, but am still feeling a bit squeezed and will be in tomorrow to make sure I can actually leave on Wednesday- the problem with time off work is always fitting everything in before you go! Luckily the work is interesting (the last two weeks were about 80% boring!).

After missing one key workout last week, (my only missed long run over my FIRST training), I got all three in this week. First was speedwork, and it was REALLY bad- partly because of wind, and partly because my legs just wouldn't move. My ks were between 4:20ish and just under 5:00!!! I felt pretty rubbish, but reminded myself that I only have a few days left and I can't be fussing about the speedwork now! I have really enjoyed doing proper speedwork, and am seriously thinking about working on speed and heading towards a fast 10k in June.

Thursday I took a break from work at about 7 to do my tempo run- 2 easy, 3 tempo and 1 easy. Since I was going round the waterfront, I did more like 3k easy, 5k tempo and 2k easy. The first 2.5k tempo was 12:40, which is ok, but I wanted to do better. I was amazed when I hit the end of the 5k at 12:05, still maintaining a normal tempo effort level! That makes a total tempo split of 24:45, for a smidge under 8:00 pace (my tempo pace is meant to be 8:15, but most of my short tempo runs are a bit quicker). I was pretty happy with this, especially the negative split (it wasn't even windy, for once). I also ran into heaps of running buddies during this run, and caught up to a sub-3:30 marathoner pal (who admittedly was not doing a tempo run!)

Today I did my last *long* run- 8-10 miles at PMP. Turns out I am not so hot at pacing. I slowed down after hitting 3 miles in a little under 26:00. I felt like it was quite hard to maintain 9:09 pace, cos home seemed really far away, but then I got home, up the yucky hill and saw that I was at 1:27:40. Ooops- that makes 8:44 pace. Next week my goal is really learning PMP- I might spend some time on the mill. The last thing i want to do is rabbit on race day, especially given the two monster hills after half way! (though looking at the elevation chart, they don't look that bad- just long...or else the chart is missing a "0"!) I didn't feel the greatest today- legs a bit tight, tummy a bit bloated, but I feel now like I can "just run" again. Looking back at the first time I did this route, in Feb 2007, I did it in 1:37, 9:41 pace!

Other workouts- nothing to write home about. Some time on the trainer, and at the gym. Mostly just to feel good, not for "training" or weight loss or anything like that.

What else? I did some shopping and am trying to figure if I can pull off the high-waisted skirt look that is big this season. I think I need to drop a size first! The other day I decided to treat myself by buying a book (I never buy books- I read so fast and I love the library, so my purchases are limited to emergencies, Harry Potter and Marian Keyes). But I also love Jodi Picoult- lawyer books about people with feelings and relationships are perfect for me! The one I just bought, 19 Minutes, was very good. I didn't cry, as I did in My Sister's Keeper, and I felt a bit weird reading it after the horrific events at VT last week (how can reading about a fictional school shooting really be an "escape" from real life?), but it was nice to open a shiny new book, and to just devour it. If you're wondering how I had time, it's because I stayed up late last night when P went out to watch the cricket in the wee smalls and spent the WHOLE of today chilling on the couch. I'm going to have to face the housework soon!

I have been a hopeless commenter, but I am reading!


Wes said...

I luv to read too. When I find time, I just devour the book. Unfortunately, our libraries aren't quite as stocked with the latest stuff here, so its paperback for me :-) I'm glad you have that "I'm ready" feeling. Nothing like a race to bring out the best in all of us. Enjoy your taper, and try not to go stir crazy!!

E-Speed said...

Less than a week! I hope it goes well! My 5*1ks were rough last night and I balied on the last one. I feel the same as you, I've already got the speed, it's just a matter of keeping it until race day :)

Enjoy the taper this week I hope you MP runs go well!