Friday, April 06, 2007

Sick really really sucks

Stop with the title stealing, Kate! This one's Tammy's..

Sick really sucks.

On Monday I felt great. On Tuesday I was congested, feverish and pathetic. On Wednesday and Thursday I tried to kick this cold into next year, but it hasn't happened yet. Now it's Friday and I haven't exercised for two days. I'm feeling nauseous from the cold/congestion and bloated from the carbs I've been chowing down on. I'm still feeling too sick to move my butt and I'm really worried about my 20-miler scheduled for tomorrow. I don't know whether to do it, postpone it (til Sunday/Monday or next weekend- though that will mean doing it in a different city the day before a 4k tri-run). Any ideas? Oh- and between now and Tuesday, I have to review several thousand documents.

I am glad this has happened now, and not next week- you know you're a grown up when you're glad to be sick on Easter, because at least it interferes less with work- but I'm still grouchy that it had to happen! I'm hoping that the enforced rest will do me good, that my fitness won't go glug glug down the gurgler and that this growing "doughnut" (thanks E-speed) will keep me moving in.. Yes… TWENTY TWO DAYS TIME!

Update: went for a short run. still sick. but legs remembered what to do (sort of). am going to get a good night's sleep and see how I feel tomorrow morning- if I'm still congested I will postpone til Sunday/Monday and will head into work instead- oh joy


TJ said...

i say skip the long run until you are 100% better. do something short and easy if you've just GOT to do something, but save the long run until you are better. pushing things may make it worse or cause you to be sick longer.

Wes said...

I think TJ gives sound advice. I haven't been sick needing to do a long run, but I can imagine doing it while sick will just suck, and probably run you down and make it harder to recover and get better.

Coach Tammy said...

here! here! good advice all around. Save your energy for getting healthy!

It's ok to steal, as long as you reference :)

Get better soon!! (both of us).

TriShannon said...

Wow... it seems as though everyone is getting sick. I agree... only do the long run if you are 100%. Pushing it might just make you worse.

Get well soon!!

toughcookie7 said...

I hope you feel better. I know all about running while sick (I've done it many times) and it's never something I'm glad I did after the fact. Sometimes a short walk or some stretching can help you feel better.

E-Speed said...

hope you are feeling better! With 5 20 miles on the FIRST schedule I wouldn't worry too much about this one. Just make sure you are rested and healthy!

Rachel said...

Skip it. When in doubt skip it. If you're up for something shorter, compromise. You're body will thank you later. Hang in there!

The Scott Family said...

Sorry to hear this.

Hope you're feeling better :)


The Scott Family said...

Hi Kate,

Do you know if there are 'pacing groups' at the Rotorua M?

Hope you're feeling better