Monday, March 23, 2009

Phew (again!)

Today I’m starting my New Plan.  SO exciting!  The morning began with 1:30 of swimming at the Tepid Baths trimasters squad.  Holy crap!  I  haven’t done more than about 45 mins or about 2k since the half ironman, so 3 and a bit ks was rather a shock to the system.  But BOY it felt good.


I also had a good run along good ol’ Tamaki on Saturday morning before hurrying off for a weekend of activities (including finally seeing my husband on Sunday afternoon).  It was nice and cool until about 11am, when it started to turn to “absolutely effing roasting”, and I was happy to see a respectable pace on the clock for a change. 


Now it’s back to slow and steady with Coach Paul, but it’s nice to go into this real build phase feeling confident that I’ll be able to really nail this thing.


SUB6 said...

Are you training for a marathon (Rotorua/Auckland???)

Kate said...

Nope- Rotorua's too soon, Akl's smack bang in the middle of a 3 month trial. So just training for the half-IM at the mo.

Britt said...

When I first started swimming with a masters group, I couldn't believe the distances! Does feel good though. Swimming is peaceful :)

Westy said...

Enjoy Kate!
Remember it's 'steady' not necessarily slow! Keep leg turnover high 180 steps per minute if you can.