Thursday, March 19, 2009


I am struggling to get back into a routine, but I am getting there, slowly!  I have just joined a slightly scary squad at the Tepid Baths and will probably start tomorrow.  Eek!


I went for a run at about 6pm last night, before the heat of the day had subsided. It was a lovely run, up College Hill and down to Eden (?) point baths and some of the paths around there, but bloody hot, and 5k seemed to take an eternity (in fact, it took almost exactly 30 mins, which pretty much is an eternity for the old me). 


Things can only get better!


Aaron said...

So you are an Aucklander now? Good stuff! Probably not as hilly as Wellington but the variety is good.

Kate said...

Yup! I like the hills here- there are lots of them but they're not as steep!

SUB6 said...

I'm sure that 5K time is going to come tumbling down very quickly :)