Friday, April 24, 2009


After my last post, I started feeling sorry for my poor, nameless mountain bike. So I did a bit of thinking, and before I could even open google, there is was:

Maxwell (Max for short)

My MTB is manly, but not very rugged, just like a Maxwell. Plus (and this is the actual reason) he's a grey Avanti Hammer, I'm a Beatles Fan. Chocolate fish to the first to figure that one out.

So, welcome to the brood, Max.


Britt said...

Awesome :)

Pip said...

I guess I go to the top of the class. I was singing "Maxwell Silver Hammer" to myself the second I read the name. Perfect!

SUB6 said...

I googled it and worked it out (never heard of the song) but Pip was too fast for me :) I've never named any of my bikes.