Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter in bullets

I keep starting posts and not being able to finish them, I’m boring myself so much.

So, bullets it is:
•Easter was great. I had six nights with Phil (SIX!) and four days of fantastic training.

•My cycling has improved about a thousand percent. I took on Auckland traffic and the Waitakeres BY MYSELF on Sunday and lived to tell the tail. And remember; this is coming from a girl who in SEPTEMBER was crying every time she hit an intersection or had to go downhill.

•My aerobic run speed is abysmally slow. But I am starting to learn what aerobic feels like, and I am feeling more and more comfortable at those slow speeds. Plus, keeping all my runs aerobic is making the longer runs a hang of a lot easier.

•I cannot stay aerobic when I’m riding on the road. Either I’m pushing because I’m trying to get through the next traffic light, or my heart is pounding because I’m still quite frankly petrified, or I’m slogging away uphill. I will need to get a lot fitter and stronger before I can get my bike up a hill keeping my HR where it should be. Lots of aerobic sessions on the trainer until then.

•We have our thank you cards and envelopes, have started filling them in, and will hopefully be sending them on Monday. Then I will have to say goodbye to the wedding, and start focussing on the future.

•Lastly- why are you all not commenting on Phil’s blog? Go! NOW.

Oh- one more thing. We're going to Xterra this weekend so Phil can do the swim as part of a team. Anyone going to be around?


Anonymous said...

I'm lucky if I read ANYBODYS blog let alone Phil's - he's technical. My job/stressed addled brain can't cope with it! lol

We'll be at Xterra watching. Might see you there.

Britt said...

I have definitely cried in traffic on my bike. I just recently stopped shaking every time I had to stop at a light. Cycling is scary business!! Don't even get me started on downhills....

SUB6 said...
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SUB6 said...

Re your comment .... The half M in May or the self supported ironman in March??? ... or both???