Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it really only Wednesday?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, and I really wish it was Thursday.

Thursday means a cruisy 40m run in the morning, a trip to the library and dinner with one of best friends who'll be up from Welly. More importantly, Thursday means "nearly Friday", which means swimming (yay) and Phil (double yay).

Wednesday on the other hand means working late, doing the housework I've been putting off since Monday, trying to create something fun with leftover 90-second rice, and going to bed without any new library books to enjoy.

Luckily, Wednesday also means tomorrow is Thursday, so we're getting there slowly...


Britt said...

Thursday is one of my favorite days too! Day off training for me :) I get to veg on my couch and watch Grey's Anatomy. Lots of yays for swimming AND Phil. Good day!

SUB6 said...

I used to like Thursday's but now I have to work till 8:30pm :( boohoo!!! Least tomorrow is Friday :) ... too bad we have to wait till Sunday for Grey's :(

Enjoy your Thursday!!!

Rachel said...

I wish is was next week--recovery week. It can't come soon enough.