Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hotpotato as JAFA?

I am really enjoying my new plan. One of the awesome things about having a coach is that I don’t beat myself up for not doing MORE. If there’s a 40 minute run on tap, I do it, maybe do some core work, then go to work. Without a plan, I wonder if I should have done an hour. I decide I need an after-work session to round out the day, and beat myself up if I don’t do that one.

Another awesome thing is having to get on the bike. You all know me and my bike issues, but since starting with Paul I’ve done two at least somewhat hilly 2.5 hour rides (last weekend's was in the 'Naki), and am looking forward to 5 hours of riding this weekend. Since one of my key limiters last year was bike endurance (at 2.5 hours I was absolute toast, and had an hour to go), I’m stoked about this. Also, since Phil’s injured, I’m having to go out there and do them alone (though of course he’s wonderful about helping me plan Kate-friendly routes, meeting me on the course with Mizone Rapid, and even riding through the traffic with me to get me started).

I’m also enjoying my swim squad, even if I’ve gone from being at the faster end of the fast lane to the slower end of the slow lane (which includes blogging celebrity “Lardman”). There’s a point in almost every session when I decide I can get out at the next rest. Sometimes two or three. Since we are not scheduled to finish until 7:30, plenty of people sneak away early to get to work on time, so it wouldn’t really be piking, especially as my scheduled workouts are 60 minutes, and we often do up to 75. But I’m managing to tough it out, and of course I’m always glad I did.

Running is meh. Need to lose some weight. But I’m finding it easier to run to control my heart rate, and to keep an eye on my turnover at the same time. I’ve been step-counting for a couple of years now, but had lost focus on running technique, so it’s good to be engaged with that again. I’m looking forward to some exploring for my 75 minute run this weekend.

On the whole, I’m liking Auckland (while missing Phil, of course). Living near town and close to the sea means I can embrace the good while ignoring a fair bit of the bad. It’s hard to totally hate a city which is home to the Parnell Markets, Parnell Baths, excellent ethnic foodhalls, Circus Circus for brunch, stunning harbour views and the West Coast beaches. The people? Now that may be a different story..


Phillip said...

Nah, I think you've embraced the JAFA within. While you've never lived there before, given both your parents are from Auckland, you are, deep down, secretly rather obnoxious. You'll know you've made it when you insist on wearing perfume and makeup before heading down to swim squad ;)

SUB6 said...

Good job on the bike rides. Sounds like the perfect set-up with Phil meeting you along the route.

Funny you should mention step-counting. I read about running cadence the other day and have started counting steps. It recommended about 180 footstrikes per minute. Can't seem to get past 160 but it's definitely helped focusing on it during parts of the run. Do you try to target a particular cadence? I'm sure my old running heal strike lolloping cadence was way less than 100 :(

Good Luck with your long run ... and getting back your old running speed.

Aaron said...

Depends if you have a penchant for lattes now?

Sounds like you are getting right into training during winter - good stuff.

The step counting sounds like a good idea. Need to look into that - thanks!

Kate said...

I aim for 180, and usually come reasonably close.