Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last couple of weeks: Rundown/highlights

I think it's now evident that I am NOT capable of blogging regularly. The long draft still sitting around from our epic Beervana/Wellington weekend is testament to that. So, since we're getting into The Season, I'm going to revert to the bullet point weekly update.

So, how are things going?

In general, I'm starting to feel like a triathlete again. I'm not quite making it up early every morning, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the extra light in the morning and the evenings, and I am getting most of my training hours in every week. I'm a little nervous about my riding and my general fitness, but I know I can get through Karapiro now, and I am SURE I'll be able to dominate September through December in order to rock Tauranga.

We're back in the pool, and back to squad sometimes. Swims are still pretty short and easy, compared to what I was doing last year, but, well, swimming 3.5k hard 3 times a week didn't exactly help me out with my race times! Going to squad on Monday night was great- there's nothing like an outdoor pool in the evening. Also, I'm convinced that the St Peter's pool is shorter than our usual pool in Te Awamutu- my times were miles better!

I'm riding well enough, but we're not doing the distances we were this time last year either. We've done a few 3:00 to 3:30 rides, but we're mostly in the 2:00 - 2:30 range. My endurance has been OK for the longer rides. Last week's ride was 2:30 around the countryside around Te Miro. My legs were feeling a bit thrashed, and the weather was ghastly- muggy and windy for the first 2:10, and torrential rain for the rest. If I hadn't been so close to home, I think I'd have pulled over and found some shelter!

My running is feeling great. It's slow, but getting stronger and stronger. I'm doing 2:00 weekend runs, which is big for me, since my marathon training days at least! Last year I don't think I ever ran 2:00, outside of races.

Today my run took me out through the country and up the ginormous hill we rode a few weeks ago. After rolling countryside (complete with evil cows and bad, chasey dogs) for a few k, you start climbing. And climbing. And climbing. There's a few hundred metres of respite after the first steep climb, but after that it just winds steeply up and up for a total climb of nearly 4km.

(Yep, it's steep!!)

When you get to the top, you can keep running along a rolling gravel road. Totally invigorating, especially on a crazy, Wellington-style windy day!

(this is what happens when there's a bit of wind in the Waikato)

Running from Cambridge to the top took just under an hour, so I ran along the gravel road for a k before turning and running back down the hill.

(I didn't follow the first piece of advice this time, but I did follow the second!)

Next time I'll definitely start a bit closer to the hill, so I can spend more time on the gravel road (and also, so I can finish on a downhill, instead of 4 boring flat ks!)

My mid week runs have increased too. When we started the run-focus, my short midweek run was 30, but gradually grew to 60. Last week I had a 45 minute tempo run scheduled, and I'm pleased to say that 45 mins is definitely short again. Phew!

The elephant in the room. In short, I'm trying, but I'm still F.A.T. About 5kg heavier than my race weight last year- GAH!!! I'm off the booze in the hope that things improve this month, but every time I weigh myself I'm disappointed again. I feel like I'm doing a very good job of not rewarding myself with food (too much), and eating healthy, balanced meals, but I guess I just have to do more.


Lisa (bakebikeblog) said...

Wow it sounds like your training is really coming along!!! I head back to swim squad for the first time this week and I am actually a little nervous!

Westy said...

Good round up Kate...!
Don't worry about the weight... as long as you are training and being careful about the food, but not obssessive the weight will take care of itself... watching the alcohol and some longer bike rides to come will help too ;-)

Breathe Gently said...

That hill climb scares me. Really, it does.

I just wanted to stop by since it's been ages since I did - and say thanks for your awesome supportive comments on the PCOS stuff. I hope you're well! xx