Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly rundown

A nice solid week, totalling a little over 9 hours. I'm feeling pretty good, and definitely enjoying my training, in all three disciplines.

It's starting to feel like tri season is coming- which, of course, it is. Phil and I have got ourselves on the committee for the Mafia Tri Club, which I hope will help us to get more involved in the *scene*... Though it might interfere with my vague plans for a marathon and rowing year next year!! We're the bike and run coordinators, and we'll be organising occasional group training sessions, as well as trying to "match-make" new members. We've missed having a bunch of training buds, so this is far from purely altruistic.

I'll be volunteering at the World Rowing Champs at Lake Karapiro in early November, and my commitments to training and volunteer days are picking up a little bit, so it's going to be even more important than usual to keep up with things, especially with the Karapiro half coming up shortly afterwards. Thank goodness for bright evenings!


A typical swimming week. A squad session at St Peter's on Monday, and a cruisy session with Phil at the pool in TA after work on Friday.

Swim time: 1:25 (a little down on what it should have been)


I had a longer than usual midweek ride scheduled for Wednesday, and was stoked to get home early and head out with Phil. We managed to get about 45 minutes in before it started getting dark, and another 15 in the semi-dark. It was still light enough to see in front of us, even without our super hardcore lights on, but I was a little jumpy, especially with the frequent showers. Phil was only riding for an hour, so we headed home and I jumped on the trainer for a (much less enjoyable) half an hour.

The weekend's "long" ride was only 2 hours, and we decided to head out on the MTBs, as we were in Auckland for a family gathering. My mojo was pretty low, and I spent the first wee bit feeling a bit stompy and sulky. It didn't help that there was an event on, and I was constantly worried about getting in the way. After half an hour or so, I started feeling a lot better, but I'm still a lot slower than the boys, and didn't exactly feel gnarly. We finished our usual loop in about 1:20- 1:30, and decided to call it a day as we had places to be. So, not exactly a win week on the bike, but not bad either. I was definitely glad to have some mojo return by the end of the ride- can't wait to get down to Rotorua a few more times over summer!

Bike time (including MTB and half-hour spin): 2:50


This wasn't my best running week, by recent standards, but wasn't bad either. On both Thursday and Friday I felt a bit weak/dizzy during the runs (only a little bit, nothing worrying)- which I attribute to a mixture of not eating properly and slowly changing seasons. The long runs are proving to be great for my self esteem- it's amazing how much more awesome I feel after a 2 hour run than after 1:40.

Running highlights of the week were:

- evening 10k run at the lake in Hamilton with Phil;
- running along the quickly growing pedestrian/bike path from Leamington to Karapiro- it's looking brilliant!
- today's 20k around the bays in Auckland. Much warmer than I'm used to, but was great to do a nice straightforward run- and to hit the 20km mark for the first time in goodness knows how long! (in training, anyway).

Run time: 4:50

Total time: 9:05

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