Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hotpotato Chip: Week 15

What we ate: Loads more fruit and veges than in previous weeks, but there was still room for a little too much takeaways, and a few too many work-food indulgences (it was slice that slayed me this week). I craved Asian-y noodly dishes, and on Sunday I ended up making myself a second breakfast of stir fried noodles, frozen bean mix (edamame, green beans and butter beans- one of the best frozen veg products out there), omelette, soy and sesame oil at about 10:30am. I don't think anything has ever tasted So Good.

How we moved: It wasn't a bad week, all in all. I got slammed with first-trimester style fatigue on Thursday, so took a rest day. On Friday we had grand plans to swim, but got an email telling us swimming was off during the afternoon. We could have gone elsewhere, but we were feeling Friday-ish, so we ate pizza instead. Here's how the rest of the week looked:
  • Tuesday: 45 minute weights workout
  • Wednesday: 4.65km run, with a little undulation (35 minutes)
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Walk to the gym, 45 minute weights workout, walk home
  • Sunday: "long" run (see below)
  • Monday: 1700m swim with lots of kick
Where we went: Auckland for shopping and high tea with friends.

What we wore: Still fitting into a non-maternity work skirt (it hardly counts, as it's a good size and a half above my usual size). I feel remarkably non-pregnant when I wear it, as it sits high on the wee bump, and is just sort of big. I wore a new pair of maternity work pants yesterday, and got a lot of comments. My togs still look OK on, but it's harder and harder to get the straps over my shoulders, as more and more of the fabric is needed to get over the belly.

What we bought/got given: A stroller! It was a bargain so we decided to be spontaneous. Reviews were a bit mixed, but we're prepared to spend a lot of trial and error on getting the perfect jogger, and we'll use trade me to sell it on if necessary.

What changed: A bit of "poppage" on Monday had me feeling well and truly pregnant, but the bumps down a bit the next day, so overall not much. "Good" days are gradually started to equal bad days.

What stayed the same: "Bad" days are still popping up fairly frequently, and just when I least expect it nausea and tiredness will come back to smack me in the face.

Exciting moments: Visiting (and falling in love with) our first daycare centre made everything seem a bit more real, and made me feel much less stressed about our plans for next year.


Lisa @ bakebikeblog said...

ugh - do not talk to me about work skirts. I think I am at the upper limit of comfort now....yup - time to do some maternity clothes shopping eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

HotpotatoKate said...

Yay for maternity shopping!! (seriously, it's expensive, but so COMFY) If you find any good work skirts, let me know, as I might try to get something online- it seems impossible just to find a nice pencil skirt with a full panel!

Work skirts are the worst- I needed to buy a whole new suit REALLY early on, as I had Court appearances, and anything tight around my waist made me feel horribly sick. So ended up with one slightly "fat" skirt and one very fat skirt- but I figure they'll be useful when I go back to work!

My new pants are by Ripe, by the way, and they are just lovely.