Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I dig your blog

An exciting day in Hot Potato history - I've been tagged twice for the I Dig Your Blog award.  Woo!  I think this is my second award in 5 or so years of blogging. I was tagged by Lizzy, of Run Bake Race and Britt from Life in a Holding Pattern, both of whom are lovely running ladies.

The rules are that I am to give three random facts about myself, and then tag five other bloggers to receive the award.

So, here goes:

1: I don't like bacon (although I do love the smell).  Apparently this puts me in a pretty small minority of people; well, carnivorous people at least.

2: I am terrible at all team sports.  So far without exception.

3: Despite being a New Zealander, I can name most of the Presidents of the United States, thanks to a children's encyclopedia and an Animaniacs song.  I can also list the states in alphabetical order, though it takes a bit of effort, and I often end up with 49...  That's a result of geeky family dinners.  Some families drink or watch TV.  Mine talks science, and memorises long lists...

And I'll tag:

Casie at Witness to the Fitness
Lisa at Bake Bike Blog
Britt at xoxb
Mike at Sub 6
Lucinda at Lucinda Lucinda

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Chickie Little said...

Interesting stuff. Can't believe you don't like bacon! Is it just bacon or pork in general...? I know people who think pork tastes too strong for them.