Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hotpotato Chip: Week 16

What we ate: Grain waves.  Nausea returned late in week 16, and it was grain waves all the way (ok, two normal sized packets).  A healthier weekend last weekend; partly because Phil was away for some of it.  Lesson learned: do not buy the pre-marinated tofu from the supermarket.  Harden up and do it yourself!
How we moved: A bit of a messy week, without my usual weekend workouts to make up for it.  I'm enjoying my Tuesday morning weights + bump photo routine, even though the bump always looks smaller in the photos than it does to me!
  • Tuesday: 40 minute weights workout (cut short due to a bloody nose.  Eww)
  • Wednesday: unplanned rest
  • Thursday: 1700m swim
  • Friday: Run to gym, weights, walk home
  • Saturday: Aborted "long" run
  • Sunday: Short spin + some strength and abs
  • Monday: Unplanned rest (we realised we had a seminar to go to and decided to make up a swim)
Where we went: Nowhere much!

What we wore: The big work skirt still fits, but nothing else does, apart from a couple of dresses! I need to sort out some new workout gear, as my favourite running shorts sit in just the wrong place. I've ordered some extra work clothes, as I'm getting sick of rotating my two outfits ;)  I'm not sure what I'll be doing for corporate gear in summer.  Eek.  I also experimented with the belt over bump look for the first time. 

What we bought/got given: A baby monitor; another daily deal type special. We're not really sure if we need one at all given how close the babywill be to us, but figured it couldn't hurt, and we might as well snag a bargain.
What changed: The bump's definitely popped more, and I've had a lot of horrid round ligament pain. 
What stayed the same: "Bad" days are still popping up fairly frequently, and just when I least expect it nausea and tiredness will come back to smack me in the face.  Still no movements :(

Exciting moments: Ordering a "fitsplint" support garment in the hope that I will be able to keep running!


Casie said...

Any chance of seeing a bump photo or two in the future?

HotpotatoKate said...

Hehe- when I start looking pregnant instead of fat, maybe ;)

Casie said...

Heh! I'm sure you look fab, but there is that in-between stage that my girlfriends have found awkward.

Your comment about Grain waves has had me craving them for days and I don't have a hormonal excuse!