Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot Potato Chip: Week 33

It appears that this blog has officially become a "Chip: Weekly Updates" blog.  Sorry about that, folks, but I'm not exactly doing a lot in the way of triathlon at the moment...

Week 33 was our last week of holiday. We got home from our trip away late in Week 32, and had most of a week to potter around before heading away again for Phil to race.  It was good to have a few solid days at home to cook a freezer full of meals (seriously- I think we have 30 meals in there?), build a little bit of baby furniture and pretend to do some work in our garden...

What we ate:  I craved healthiness after our holiday indulgences, but didn't always do the best job of making good choices; and we were so busy feeding Future Kate and Future Phil that we didn't always pay quite enough attention to feeding Present Kate and Present Phil!

How we moved: I did a lot, but didn't do very much in the way of deliberate "exercise".  I think I ended up at one walk and two swims for the week. Plus a quickie swim in Pilot Bay.  But I also spent two solid days cooking, an afternoon in a hot garden, and a long morning spectating at a half ironman.  Given how much those things take it out of me nowadays, I'm not beating myself up for not doing more workout-workouts. Hopefully I'll do a little more this week, now that I'm back at work!

Where we went: Tauranga for Phil's half ironman.  Just over a 24 hour trip in total, and possibly a little too tiring for this gigantosaur, especially with the 3:30am wake up call! 

What we wore: Slouchy, round the home, kinda stuff.  Trackies, stretchy cotton dresses.  Old baggy t-shirts.  It was nice not to have to get properly dressed for a few days!   But then on Monday I had to put on work clothes again.  And learned that, sadly, my proper work shoes are now too small (pregnancy can cause your feet to go up a full shoe size.  Permanently).

What we bought/got given: Loads! I had a bit of a panic attack about being behind the 8-ball and went on a bit of a purchasing frenzy.  Baby clothes, feeding, changing and sleeping accessories.  Bassinet and cot mattresses and linens.  And some of the delightful things I need to put in my hospital bag for me!

What changed: Chip has moved from my right side to my left, which is good news for labour if Chip stays that way.  Clever baby! Other than that, not a lot has changed- I feel much the same as last week.  Tired, slow but not too bad.
Exciting moments: Clearing out the baby's room and building the cot.  The nursery is far from "done" (and we're really not "doing" much... it won't surprise you to learn that I'm not the sewing acres of bunting and painting the walls type...), but it gives both of us a warm feeling inside when we walk past and see the cot in there.  We also passed the one month til full term (37 weeks) point- and it's 4 weeks til full-term today! 

What I miss: Being able to shop for an afternoon without multiple loo stops and without getting sore feet after an hour or so!


Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

how very wonderful!!!! Love the new crib - which looks very similar to the one we purchased :)

runbakerace said...

Wow one month till full term!!! Go Chip Go!!!  I am finding that each day is causing things to be a little harder to do. One afternoon in Manhattan will make me be couch bound for the whole next day.  Our bodies need the rest.  Love all the baby stuff you bought this week, I can't wait to start doing that.

HotpotatoKate said...

I'm relieved it's not just me- so many pregnant ladies seem to be doing so much MORE than me!

We don't *get* to register for our showers here, so more of a need to be onto it in terms of baby purchases, to some extent! (plus, my shower's not til 37 weeks...) When are you starting on the nursery prep etc?

Angela Noelle said...

Awww :)  It seems like putting the nursery together would start making everything seem much more like reality!  You're in the final stretch now!!

Casie said...

The count down is on!!