Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hot Potato Chip: Week 35

Another week, another weekly update! Time is flying.  Two weeks to full term.  7 weeks until I think I'm going to meet little Chippo!

What we ate: Watermelon.  Also, lots.  I am ravenous all morning, and much less hungry in the afternoons and evenings.  So I take second breakfast (usually a peanut butter sandwich) and a couple of morning tea options with me to work every day!  We've been getting into the meal planning zone a bit more recently- an important place to get used to, as we'll be living one income soon.  Gulp.

How we moved: I was awesome.  Swims on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Monday (for a total of 6km), yoga and a walk to and from on Thursday, and an hour long neighbourhood walk on Sunday.  That's about 6 hours total- not bad given that I've been back to full time work.  We had a late night planned on Wednesday, so I decided to be smart and take the night off swimming and have a nap instead.  In the end, that meant I was groggy for our evening out, wide awake when we got home and went to bed, and exhausted on Thursday.  Shoulda just swum!

Where we went: The pub.  Yep, that now gets a special entry! Our local was hosting TVNZ 7's politics show Backbenchers, so we went along to show our support for our preferred party.  It started at 9pm, so was a lateish evening, but lots of fun to get out of the house on a summery night, drink cranberry and soda, and talk about grown up things like bikes and beer.

What we wore: One pair of my maternity togs are nearing the end of their useful life- they should fit, but the waistband on the bottoms has a tendency to flip down, bearing rather too much white, stretch-marked, belly to the good folk of Cambridge. 

What we bought/got given: I got a parcel from BRITT which was just the best thing ever.  Cute blankies and cloths, and the bestest little outfit, including a plaid shirt onesie and Chip's first pair of jeans. Aww! (and a pair of super soft pajama pants, which have put straight into my hospital bag)

What changed: More of the same.  Slowing down. Sleeping a bit less.  Feeling pretty good though- to the extent that one can feel "good" at 35 weeks pregnant.

Exciting moments: Washing the baby clothes.  So cute. The only time I'll probably ever be excited about baby laundry.

What I miss: I miss not worrying.  I've been a super anxious pregnant lady, usually without any particular reason to be. I realise that the worry doesn't end on D-Day, so not sure if this is really an acceptable "miss" or not. Also, sushi. I walked to work on the other side of the road on Monday and caught a whiff of sushi through a vent.  I'd never thought of sushi having a smell, but seriously- this was the best smell ever.  Definitely a contender for my "first meal"!

(Note: the NZ pregnancy guidelines warn pregnant women off all sushi, not just raw fish, so I've been steering completely clear of all my favourite haunts)


Casie said...

Holy Cuteness, Laundry!

runbakerace said...

Holy smokes....35 weeks!!! You are almost there! :)  I have a HUGE craving for sushi and can't wait to eat raw salmon again..YUMMY!  Congrats on an awesome workout week.  

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

I washed baby clothes this week too! It was so strange to see a clothes line full of onesies!

And I have already given an order to Mr BBB that he must turn up to the hospital with a wheel of brie and a slab of pate :) They are my post-birth food wishes!

ps - so you are predicting that you will go over 40 weeks? I have this feeling that I will go early?

HotpotatoKate said...

Funny, Lisa. I'm so sure Baby BBB will be here before Chip, and have always thought so for some reason. My Mum went late with all three of us (though I suspect some of that will be to do with the fact that they had no dating scans- we know from my dating scan that I probably ovulated late-ish, which may have been the same for her), and Mr Hotpotato was born at around 40 weeks. So I've always counted on having a March baby- and now, Mr HP is going to be in the midst of a big trial on Feb 28th, so I'm almost hoping for a few extra days! All of this is partly preparing myself so I don't go mental when Feb 28 comes and goes and I have no baby, but I'm sure it won't work! Thinking of having somewhere between 2 and 5 weeks to go is weird enough, 2-7 is doing my head in!

Alison said...

@Lisa - NZ brie is safe enough for us to eat (so long as it's the mass produced, pastuerised stuff and not authentically French).runbakerace 

Kate I think you've done awesomely well with keeping up the exercise, by 35 weeks I was in the over it stage, and the thought of wrestling myself in and out of togs is too much (even though I would love to be in the water).

Seven weeks seems like so long but not, considering how far you've come along.

HotpotatoKate said...

Ally- I've had a bit of a renaissance due to getting back into a routine. It's really helped having Phil in a routine that works for me- at the end of last year, he was doing long early morning rides, so I just slept, but now if he's off to the pool, I may as well go. And if he heads out after work for a bike race, it's easy enough for me to do a quick walk on the river path. I think it will be harder when I'm on leave- makes me wish I wasn't behind all my ante natal ladies, as I'd love a swimming buddy!