Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot Potato Chip: Week 36

Yet another week has flown by, and now I'm in my last week of work, and a week away from full term.  Hopefully Chip's going to stay put a bit after 37 weeks though- much as I'd like to meet it and know it's OK, I'd like it to bake a little more, I'd like to enjoy some of my maternity leave, and we're hoping Phil can get through a couple of big cases at work before rushing to the birthing centre.  So baby, please stay put until a couple of days after your due date, even if crazy Mummy tries to suggest otherwise.

What we ate:  Quick and boring meals, using lots of summer veges.  Pasta, eggs and so on.  The standout meal for the week was last night's: schnitzel, boiled (garden) potatoes, (garden) beans and corn on the cob.  Healthiness, be damned! (but hey, at least the meat has iron). Also, one of our plum trees is fruiting beautifully, and I've been enjoying plenty of those!

How we moved:  Another good, consistent week.  It's great having Phil swimming frequently, as I'll basically go to the pool when he does unless I'm completely exhausted.  I "make" myself do 1k, usually free+pull, then I'm free to putz around with breaststroke, and generally relax.  The water feels wonderful on my swollen feet, and it's a wonderful way to end the day! As well as 3 swims, I squeezed in two evening walks (plus the walk to yoga) and a yoga class.

Where we went: Nowhere.  Dude- I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  Where am I gonna go?
What we wore:  As little as possible.  We've been blessed with a couple of weeks of perfect pregnancy summer weather- crisp and cool mornings with sunny and warm afternoons, but it's still plenty warm for me most of the time.  A little bit of humidity has returned, so it's short summer dresses when I'm hanging out at home!

What we bought/got given:  We finished our baby shopping on Saturday- exchanging a bassinet, and picking up some bits and bobs for the car.   There'll be more before the day- things I don't realise I've forgotten, things I've been waiting until after my baby shower for, and things for the hospital bag.  But as far as my mega baby list goes, we're there!

What changed:  I'm increasingly puffy, but it's still not too bad by pregnant in summer standards! An odd and new side effect of pregnancyis clumsiness.  I drop everything I touch, and each time I'm tempted not to pick it up!

Exciting moments:  None really- this next week is going to be a biggie though!

What I miss: Getting out and enjoying the summer.  I'm so tired and we have so many chores to do over the next few weeks that I've barely seen the beach this summer.  And, in other foods I miss: Subway. Phil and I lived on it pre-preg; it was a post workout staple! If there's a chicken sensation to be had in early March, it may just have to be my first post baby meal!


runbakerace said...

One week from full term...wow!!! I hope he stays put longer so you have some relaxing maternity leave time before Chip comes.  I am dying for some cold cuts as well...I have a bologna craving like none other. :)

HotpotatoKate said...

I *wish *I could crave bologna. I went off it a few years ago, and haven't been able to eat it since. While I know it's good for me, healthwise, a big part of me really misses it!

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

I cant believe how close you are! I am so jealous that you are almost done at work - I still have 3 weeks to go eeeek!

HotpotatoKate said...

Ugh- 3 weeks! Some of me feels like a wimp for leaving at 37 (just before- but my first day OFF work will be 37), but I'm well tired enough, and really want the time to focus on the baby!

sarah (the SHU box) said...

SOOO close now!  i am impressed that you'd like chip to wait - i feel like when i hit 38 weeks i'm going to be READY every day for the big event :)

HotpotatoKate said...

I do too! I'm kind of just trying to train my psyche to wait, as I think it's an inevitability! So I'm focussing on the reasons to wait (a wedding, a concert and my husband's work) and trying to turn it from something I tolerate to something I embrace. We'll see how long I can fool myself for. Of course, it also helps that my nursery is in complete disarray!