Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gale force northerlies??

Weather forecast for tomorrow (Naenae) is not looking great. Gusty? Gale force? Nothing funner than biking into gale force head winds! Ah well, it happens.

Am not particularly enthusiastic about tomorrow at the moment. Last week was a reasonably hard week at work, and although I did take that rest day, and another, I'm fairly wiped. I've also had some stomach issues which has made getting in calories more of a chore than usual! Running for two hours today may not have been the best move, but I had good reasons, and I won't regret it even if my performance is impaired tomorrow.

I joined a friend for the last 6 or 7 miles of the 24(ish) miler she did today. When I met her she'd been out for 3 hours or so, with at least half of that runnning into impossible winds. She was amazing. Absolutely knackered when we met, she was strong up the hills and finished sooo weell! She's absolutely going to rock that marathon! Anyway, she said at the end and on the way that the company made all the difference, and I'm so happy to have done that. Then I joined the Scottish Harriers for the last group run of the season. It was good to be back with the club, though I did run with a pack down (I'm not sure what pace they train at, but most of these women would race about a 25 in a 5k, maybe a 1:55-2hr half..) I talked to a lot of people about my overtraining experience etc and am looking forward to next year with the club. It was hard to balance training with A with training with the club, but I really have missed the support, as well as the pack runs!

The main reason I went to this run today was because of the mini prizegiving to celebrate our exercise challenge (their real prizegiving is tonight). Got a bottle of wine for a spot prize and a cute certificate the organiser had made for us. She'd scrapbooked them personally for each of us, trying to incorporate bits of us into them. Really sweet :-)

I also had my first swimming lesson this morning. I felt incredibly uncoordinated, but I did feel like my roll and my stroke speed had improved by the end of the lesson. I also learned a few things about swimming that I didn't already know, despite way too much time spent reading about stroke and technique and so on. I really hope the lessons will help me!

Anyway, tonight I'm taking it easy. P's out, and I've got grilled cheese, popcorn, chick flicks and strawberries. Will stretch and get a good night's sleep! Look forward to posting race report and pics tomorrow!


Jodi said...

That's an awful lot of training for the day before a race! As long as its not your A race it's fine. Just don't expect too much from your body after a long training day.

Sounds like you had a great girly night!



Wes said...

Good luck in your race, Kate! Sounds like a fantastic reward for a lot of hard work!!

JohnnyTri said...

thanks for stopping by.
Hey those swim lessons really help. I have been with a swim group for about 3 weeks and my overall swim endurance and volume has improved greatly! Stick with it and you'll be a fish in no time.
Hope the winds are too back tomorrow, good luck!

Kate said...

No- not an A race. My Oly is my main A race of the season- everything else is just testing the water, so to speak!