Monday, October 02, 2006

Why I wish AG prizes were more popular in NZ....

Official results from yesterday came out today:

Total time: 57.24 (I think this is the first time my stopwatch time has ever actually been identical to my chip time)

Run 1: 12:53
T1 and Bike: 28:58 (I think T1 would have been about 1 1/2 mins)
T2 and Run 2: 15:33 (T2- a bit longer than T1; 1 1/2 to 2 minutes?)

Place (individual short course): Overall: 18/40 F: 8/24 F: 20-24 1/2

It doesn't say where the transition times are added in, but I had enough of an eye on my watch to have some idea. There's no way my last run was 15:33!! I think I left T1 a bit after 43:00 on the clock, so it was about 14 mins or a little under.

Nothing to be proud of, sadly. I was beaten by lots of women from different AGs, most of whom I couldashouldawoulda beaten if I'd been racing properly or in the shape I used to be in. But still, I came FIRST in my AG! Sooo.. if there were prizes for winners of AGs, that would have been me! Yeeah.

All I can say is that Sunday the 15th can't come soon enough!!

I have added another du to my event schedule (I'd been planning on doing it, but had forgotten to add it). I've chosen the short course, but the run on the medium course looks much more fun. Which should I do? Hmmm.. It's starting to look like it would be very economical to join the tri club here! (I'd have saved $20 on entry fees already)


Sach said...

i always wanted to train for a triathalon but in this side of the world nothing connected to the soprt really doesn't happen. you seem pretty good at it. Congrats bout comin first in your AG, and all the best for the new one.

Wes said...

Sweet race, Kate! To finish first in your age group, without even really "racing", that's priceless!

JohnnyTri said...

Sweet Job on your AG placing. You had fun, didnt race and took 1st without worrying about it. As Wes said, "Priceless"
Keep it up!!

Kate said...

Thanks :-)