Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bike to work day.

The last two days have gone from awful to average to awesome.

Tuesday I had an early meeting. I wasn't sick anymore but I was still pretty knackered, even after the 12 hours' sleep. However, everything I'd been working on got done, I got to have (and, remarkably, enjoy) a fancy lunch with (nice) clients for the first time in ages and I got a great, ego-boosting reference from my boss for a scholarship I'm never going to get. I finished work on time, had a relatively stressfree volunteer shift, and got home to a warm dinner. P and I had time for a half hour walk (on the trails near our place) after dinner then I settled in at home to read a new (trashy..) library book. We got our bikes and stuff ready for bike to work day, and got an early night.

Bike to work day was OK. The breakfast was pretty average, and I wasn't a fan of the ride in, though I will do it again- I need to keep at it to gain some much needed bike confidence. I handled my downhills far better than I have at times, and worked on spinning on the flats and staying calm in traffic. I also handled my ego far better than usual. P's confident, strong, fast. That's OK!

I got most of my work done in the morning and was able to to spend a guilt free morning on our summer clerk retreat. Running and walking around town in the sun, in casual gear and walking shoes, a picnic lunch and even winning the "Amazing Challenge." Hmm. Much as I love my job, that beats drafting evidence and researching antitrust.

I wasn't that excited about the ride home, especially after 3 hours of running around and climbing hills in the morning, but I kept it easy- easy gears, reasonable cadence... The hills were hard (HR hit the 180s), but I kept at them, and felt good. I picked up my ipod and headed out for a short run-off. I wanted to go forever and I felt pretty strong, but I was conscious that I had done a lot already, so I kept it to a fun, easy-paced mile.

And what now? Why, all new Simpsons followed by Scrubs. Pasta with chicken and parmesan, salad and warm bread. A cold, well-earned beer (doesn't match the pasta, but matches my day and the weather). This is the life!

(THEN I'll hit that housework!)

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