Sunday, November 05, 2006

The stupidest injury ever

(I don't remember doing such a stupid pose, but of course that's what my honey caught!)

As I mentioned, I had a practical tri seminar, preparation for my first real sprint next weekend. Basically, we got practical tips from a couple of ironmen, and practiced transitions. I got to wear my new wetsuit for the first time, and I loved it! I'd never been swimming in a wetsuit before, and I really noticed the buoyancy. I loved that my feet were freezing while the rest of me was comfortable!

As I was getting out of my wetsuit at imaginary T1, I noticed a red mark on my white towel and realised that I'd cut my big toe somewhere in the water. Yuck! It didn't really hurt, but it was bleeding quite hard for a small cut.

This cut is turning out to be the stupidest injury ever. It's just little, but you don't realise how much a big toe does until it's not doing it or until it hurts to do it. Grr. It's mostly fine while biking (P and I took the twinnies out for an hour or so after the seminar- was loving the easy downhills and feel some mojo coming back) but it throbs when I stop, as well as whenever I wear any kind of shoes for more than an hour or so. Stupid thing. I could feel it moving during my swim tonight, and ended up dedicating much more of my workout to pull! Ah well- it's really no big deal. It's just funny that such a STUPID little cut is making training so much less comfortable.

This week I'm tapering, apart from the 5k Wednesday evening, which I'm hoping will be a bit of a wee comeback. I think tomorrow will be a rest (I wasn't feeling well today- dizzy spells and dodgy tummy), Tues and Thurs will be weights, Weds is the race and Fri will be an easy brick before we travel up, I think. Nice. Work will be messy again, so my challenges for the week will be getting enough vitamins and proper food in, getting enough sleep and minimising stress. I'll have to keep asking myself the question (especially wrt to training), "Will this HELP me race on Saturday?" and also, more importantly "Could this HURT my performance on Saturday?"

Hope all the NYC racers have a great time, congrats to IMFL peeps, and hope the rest of you had great weekends of training, racing, resting and so on!


Jodi said...

I am totally with you on the toe! It's going to take a lot of dedication for me to get through my 8.5 miler with the one I broke yesterday!

If you are going to workout on Friday make sure it is super easy. The day before races are always rest days for me. Good luck! You'll have tons of fun.



Ellie80 said...

ouch!!! take it easy - foot things take a while to heal - make sure you let it!! and don't work too hard :)

TriSaraTops said...

Love the pic! I am SOOOOO JEALOUS it's tri-season where you are. :) Careful with that toe!

Wes said...

Oh, bummer on to the toe. Take good care of it so you can heal up before your race! We will be cheering for ya!

Anonymous said...

oh no! another bum piggy! poor jodi is suffering too, it may seem like a stupid injury but if it's bugging you then it's big!, hope it's better soon

Rachel said...

You're going to do great in your upcoming race! Practices like that are the best. Put some neosporin on that cut!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous that you are just starting tri season. Good luck Saturday.