Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happiness is a long run!

(OK, OK. My run wasn't "long", per se. Maybe 8.5 miles or so. But "long" fitted the song better than, say "evening")

I was working late (again) on Thursday and arranged to meet my friend for a run break. The weather was perfect (apparently we're on a 7-day cycle, nice weeks, Saturdays gradually getting worse, Sundays turning to custard- wtf??!) and we ran slooowly around the botanical gardens and then around the waterfront. I ran the last 2.5mi back to my office by myself and it was HARD to pick up my pace. I was running at tempo run effort and was sitting around or a little under 8:30s! Mental. But I think it was because running slowly, and up some beastly hills, for an hour does take it out of you and I'm prouder of myself for keeping the pre up than I am disappointed with the speed. I was thinking about trying to sub-24 in a 5k again last week, but realised I have the corporate challenge this Wednesday, so that'll have to be my time. The course was a bit short last year, but not sure about this year- we'll see.

In other running news, I cranked out a mile on the t/mill Thursday morning after my workout in, wait for it, 6.27! I was running at 10mph for the last minute, and when the mill switched to cool down mode (this one goes down far more slowly than the other type at my gym, which pretty much go straight to walking pace) I actually had to stand on the sides gasping. But woohoo! I wasn't expecting to hold 15kph (about 9.3mph) the whole way, let alone ramp it up to 16 at the end!

Am thinking about my goals and plans for the next few seasons. My oly distance tri is late in the season (late March/early April). The marathons I would want to do are either late May (too soon after the Oly) or late September (apparently too close to do an Xmas half-I). ARGHH. Depending on career stuff, am sort of thinking about finding a mid-year mara in Aussie! Or I could stick to plan and get super fast in the 10k.. But the lure of the marathon is strong.

Anyway- better start getting ready. Am off to a practical tri session this morning and need to get everything ready. And hey- it's clouding over!


Ellie80 said...

hullo - thanks for all the advice mate - deep down i know i'll get there ...eventually :)

no - i WAS an evil corporate lawyer but now I do recruitment of lawyers for one of the big law firms. i saw the light :)

gold coast marathon is on around july i believe... what is the olympic distance one you have in April?

Wes said...

That's a long run by my standards! Great time on the mile!!

Jodi said...

It is so beneficial to pick up the pace at the end of a long run. But so hard.

Damn girl, you rocked that mile. Now go enjoy your weekend!



Anonymous said...

hi kate :o) i saw your comment on wes's blog, sounds like we'll be on the HM express team! i'm going to add you to my bloglines.

6:27!?? WOW that is so awesome! i'm not sure i've ever timed how fast i can run a mile, i will have to do that.