Saturday, November 18, 2006


This week has been CRAZY! But it reminds me that:

a- Work IS important to me. I love it, I'm (quite) good at it (well, I hope I am).
b- I CAN balance work, training, and life. It just means skipping housework...
c- Trying to spin after a 2 workout day starting at 5:20 and finishing at 2am? Maybe not so wise!

Am just about all caught up on reading and commenting, but not quite there yet :-)

Hope y'all have great thanksgiving breaks, and good luck to everyone who's racing!!

PS- Guess which budding triathlete turned up to an open water swim skills seminar at the WRONG beach? The weather was pretty nasty, so I decided it must've been cancelled. Unfortunately, it was not really going to be safe for me to swim alone, so I put my wetsuit on for 2 measly laps of the nearest buoy.

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Tammy said...

housework is over-rated anyway ;)