Friday, September 04, 2009

Early rising WIN

Another complete (work)week of early ups in the bag. I definitely think getting up EVERY day helps, so I'm going to keep getting up to do yoga/start work early/do housework on my rest days.

This week was a little harder, as I don't think I was home before around 9pm all week, so it's been home, make dinner, eat, make breakfast and lunch, pack bag if necessary, clean a little, work a little, read a little, sleep and up at 5:15.

This was so much easier when I had a house-elf (husband!), but I got through it by:

- eating a lot of corn fritters (batter in the fridge, cook for 2 minutes, scoff down)
- staying only barely on top of housework
- drinking plenty of lovely coffee

We're doing a 4 hour ride in the Waitaks tomorrow, then a 1.5 hour offroad run and a short swim (partly so I can learn to dive- eek!) on Sunday. Weather is supposed to be OK (touch wood), so should be awesome!


Tri Saint said...

5:15am starts are the way to go. We both get up at 5am & get training & things done before work.

Mornings are even better now with the sun coming up & birds chirping.

Good luck with the ride, I'll be thinking of you whilst I'm doing my 150km's.

Kate said...

Heh- you'll probably be done with your 150k in the same time it takes us to do 100! ;)

Britt said...

5:15 am. Yuck. Round of applause for you for being able to wake up that early all week! I'd kill me!

Mike said...

Hats off to you (and those M's) for being able to get up so early and get 'er done before work. I've never been able to get into that routine.