Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A recap

Well, I am well and truly recovered from my illness, and then some.

Last week was a clean sweep, with early starts every day (including a 5:45 wake up on Saturday, and a 7am stroll through Ponsonby on Sunday), and 11 hours 30 of training (plus 45 minutes of yoga).

I managed to fit this into a week in which the work, and the non-work work stuff, started ramping up, and into a weekend jam-packed with sister and FBIL fun. Somehow, everything managed to fit together, and fall into place. A relaxing weekend the previous weekend and lots of planning helped!

I feel amazing.

Here's what the week looked like:

3200 technique swim, including 12 x 50 "eggbeater" sprints. Ow!
5k run after work

(bircher for breakfast, leftover blackbean quinoa salad for lunch, and white bean and sausage stew for dinner)

A muggy 55 minute pre-work run

(porridge for breakfast, carrot salad wrap for lunch, leftover stew for dinner)

3400m swim, including a "1200m" time trial that wasn't so awesome (1250 in 21:59)

(muesli and yoghurt for breakfast, catered lunch at work, more leftover stew for dinner- lucky I like it!)

60 minute strength workout- outside, to practice standing on the way up College Hill

(porridge for breakfast, sushi [my lunch treat for the week] for lunch, and a rather pathetic grilled cheese tortilla for dinner)


(no comment on the food side of things!)

Up at 5:45 for a 1:30 run with Phil around Herne Bay

(we went to Circus Circus for breakfast, had chicken rolls picnic style for lunch and Mexicali Fresh for dinner- YU-U-UM!)

Four hour ride through Papakura, Clevedon, Kawakawa Bay- a real toughie, with wind, rain and hills galore.

(french toast with berries, bananas, pears and yoghurt for breakfast, a PB bagel on the bike for "lunch" and a big eff-off plate of delicious mac'n'cheese for dinner)

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Britt said...

What a great training week! Well done :)