Friday, September 04, 2009

Self flagellation

I don't know why I akways want to punish myself by reading through my archives.

It's not that I cringe at the writing (it's not anything special, but it's no better now!) or at my gormless naivete.

Nope, it's quite the opposite. Back in the day, I freakin' rocked. I was ten lbs lighter (and still thought I was fat). My easy pace was a 9:00/mile, and I was busting out 7:00s in my speedwork sessions. I had blog buds galore, and sometimes got 20+ comments on my posts.

How have I been doing this for so long, and improved so little? Is it all that ten lbs?


Britt said...

I just blogged my 515 post. I've been around for a while too (although I was very terrible in the past and didn't comment on anyones blogs for fear they might read mine for a while!) Who knows - people come and go. I enjoy reading! :)

Rachel said...

Don't beat yourself up so much! Could it be 10 lbs of muscle? Have you been biking more? Running longer distances? Try to look at the change in a more objective manner without passing judgement to evaluate what's going on. And, it's okay to just take it easy, lay back, and enjoy yourself once in awhile!

Mike said...

Even if you have lost some of your edge on the run just look at your swim and bike improvements. As a triathlete you are surely much faster and stronger. You would kick your own old 'ghost of triathlete past's' ar$e in a half ironman!

Kate said...

Thanks Mike- I think as I suffer through long rides averaging 20kph I am feeling like all these bike improvements mean sweet crap all!

Andrew is getting fit said...

This post cracked me up.

Keep on rocking!