Wednesday, September 09, 2009

So, I guess I should blog, huh?

Not a lot to say, really.

I am busy busy busy at work, and just barely managing to make it through each week and still feel in control of my life (it's so much easier with a house elf/husband). But just barely = managing, so we're still ALL GOOD!

Basically, "just managing" means getting home between 9 and 10, getting stuff together for another set of yummy, healthy, balanced dinners and lunches, working for an hour or so (I have a LOT of articles to read), sleeping, and repeating. This is going to be life as I know it until Christmas, so I need to make healthy habits NOW.

Training is fine. Basically, although I am frustrated by not being faster and thinner, I know that I am looking more athletic, that I am riding so much stronger, running with much better form, and swimming very comfortably and consistently.

Our four hour ride in the Waitaks on Saturday was stunning, I never faded and climbed strong the whole way, and my legs were just fine for an afternoon walk and for Sunday's 1:30 trail run. They are not so fine now after an hour and a half of panting up hill and clambering down over rocks and roots and logs! We have become complete offroad pansies! But two lots of yoga and a leg loosening fairly-swift-but-still-aerobic 10.5k run yesterday evening are helping with that!


Britt said...

Everytime you post, I remind myself to get my butt on my bike! Oh, how I wish I could hill climb and not want to die!

Pam (Highway to Health) said...

Hang in there! It will get easier. Try to take at least 10 minutes for yourself to just RELAX.

Lucinda said...

You are being so awesome, especially with work being so hectic. Mine is hectic at the moment, but nothing on yours!

I'm going to get around to trying those quinoa flakes soon :-)