Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm not feeling very awesome at the moment.

My race performances have been disappointing (there are good reasons- but aren't there always?), and I'm not exactly kicking ass and taking names in training either. Today's E2 effort was downright pathetic!

The next few months are full of uncertainty, life-wise, for reasons I can't go into, and I suspect that's rubbing off a bit on the triathlon thing.

Preparing for a race that may never happen is a bit confusing- trying to decide whether to pull the plug or just keep on truckin', wondering whether to care. I'm trying to go with the flow, but- DUH- I'm so not a flow kinda gal, and living in a constant state of "temporary" is getting old fast!


Mike said...

Come on! We all know you're an awesome gorilla! :)

Hope the uncertainty resolves itself quickly.

In the mean time ... (continue to) BE AWESOME!!! :)

Tri Saint said...

Maybe it's time for a rest week. Take time away from training & come back stronger.

Long days at the office sure ruin life.

What are you training for ??

Britt said...

I'm not a go with the flow kinda girl either. I agree with Tri Saint - maybe it's time for a rest week.

Don't forget to breathe. Life will resolve itself! (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Kate said...

I've just come off two planned rest weeks and one not so planned!

Tri Saint said...

Running a hard half marathon.!!

Is that what you do in a rest week.??

Maybe drop the coaching & just do what you can, when YOU can.

Go back to doing it for the fun side.

Westy said...

Hey Kate :-0
Check my e-mail out and let me know how you're doing :-)


Aaron said...

Running the legend half while sick sounded pretty awesome to me.

Sounds crazy but I think the spring weather and sun helps make outside excercise more fun? At least it beats grey skys and rain.

Kate said...

Aaron- definitely. I think it's the recent grey skies that have been the problem, especially after we were fooled into thinking spring had properly arrived. It's especially difficult for cycling, because bad weather is much more dangerous (it's wet, less visible, and cars get VERY impatient), so I've been stuck inside a bit much.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Sounds like you need a run!