Sunday, November 06, 2011

Deep breaths and bean bags: Hot Potato hits up preggy yoga

I have been meaning to find a pregnancy yoga class for, oh, about 19 weeks now. I've had the contact numbers saved in a gmail folder, I've talked to pregnant colleagues, but I never actually DID it.  First it was work.  Then work again.  Then general slackness.  Then sickness.

But finally this week, I got off my bum (not literally, I was in my trusty office chair) and phoned around, and found a class at the local parents' centre for Thursday night.  I wasn't sure quite what to expect; knowing that some preggy yoga classes are basically focussed ordinary yoga classes (i.e. pretty much a workout), whereas others are more of the deep breathing and feeling centred ilk (it didn't matter much to me which one I got- I just didn't know).

After a 3k walk there (thanks to a wrong turn) I was hot and running late and feeling a little flustered, but I had time to lay my towel out and settle myself down before we started.  I wasn't even last there, quite. 

The class was very much "deep breathing and feeling centred", and it was great.  The stretches were easy and relaxing, and we focussed on the problem areas we'd all identified in the beginning (mostly rib and lower back pain- ho boy, do I have a lot to look forward to).  The instructor kept up a running commentary about various pregnancy/labour related things as we stretched, which eased the tension- you just have to relax and stop feeling like a spoon when you're in a room full of women talking about the bodily processes involved in pregnancy and labour!  At the end, we had 10 minutes to give each other back rubs and chat, followed by 5 minutes of relaxing on beanbags and "connecting with our babies."

I left feeling a little taller, a lot calmer, and with an inexplicable craving for chickpeas...  Looking forward to next Thursday!


Casie said...

Yay, sounds like that class did wonders for you! Good news.

Loved the link. "Spoon" is that a frequently used term?

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

that sounds very similar to my pre natal yoga class! I was hoping for more of a 'workout' with them - but am actually starting to enjoy and appreciate the 'focus' and breathing aspects of them now :)

HotpotatoKate said...

I wouldn't mind more of a workout element, but I know the most important thing now is getting my muscles and joints, and my mind, in shape for a good labour!