Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 26

 26 weeks today!  That's got to be officially pregnant, right? Apparently, Chip is the size of a cauliflower, which seems a little absurd!

What we ate: A pretty good week, apart from Sunday.  I worked really hard at cutting out sugary drinks.  It's not like I've been drinking fanta all day long, but without booze, coke zero and coffee, I've been drinking more juice, and more flavoured water.  It's easy for the sugar in those drinks to add up, so I've focussed on not having them, and saving the sugar for an occasional Macs apple with dinner out. I've also been working on protein, which isn't easy for me- especially not when you add in the zillion or so pregnancy food rules.  I realise it's too late to fix anything pre-polycose screening test, but it's still good for me and for Chip!

How we moved:  #Novemberstreak continues, but barely.  Knowing I was keeping the streak up and feeling "accountable" definitely got me moving a few times!

Tuesday: 25 minute run at the lake; 20 minutes of weights
Wednesday: 1:05 walking (total- before work and at lunchtime); 45 minute swim
Thursday: 25 min walk; preggy yoga
Friday: 30 min swim (pm)
Saturday: 40 min walk in the am; 20 elliptical; 30 min weights; then a hilly 35 minute walk in Auckland
Sunday: Spectating!  I don't know if I'd normally count it, but it was a massive day, I was absolutely wiped, and I'd have easily done my 10,000 steps, so for the sake of streaking, I call it insies!
Monday: an at home workout, as I was flustered and still recovering from the weekend.  Did a light warm up in front of the TV, some leg and UB strength work, then a 10 minute preggy yoga youtube video.  I have indeed become a woman who marches on the spot in front of the telly...

Where we went: To Auckland for the Tri Auckland ITU race.  It was awesome, but exhausting- being in a big, busy city at a big event made spectating much more complicated than it usually is-  I walked and walked and walked and walked, until my feet hurt and my legs ached and then some! As mentioned above, I also ate like a little hippotamus- the early start combined with spectator syndrome really perked my appetite up!

What we wore: Nothing new or exciting.  But I ordered some clothes from gap maternity (...and spent $65 on shipping?! WTF?!) so there'll be new and exciting clothes arriving soon, I hope!

What we bought / got given:  Some clothes from the Farmers sale, and got some more second hand gear (just clothes).

What changed: Chip is continuing to grow, and sits quite low and to the front, which is making it harder to get up steep hills and stairs (the top of my leg will basically squash into my belly).
What stayed the same: Everything else! I'm still sleeping fairly well and am mostly comfortable, and thanking my lucky stars for that.

Exciting moments: Nothing much exciting baby related.  Phil may have felt his first kick, but the combination of paternal impatience, stubborn baby and not very strong kicks mean he's not entirely sure!  
 More exciting for me and Chip was watching Phil race in the sprint event at the Tri Auckland race and qualify to represent his age group at Worlds next year!  It'll be the most expensive sprint race in the history of time- I shudder to think of the per km cost- but the upsides outweigh the costs.  First, there's getting a tri-suit with his name on the bum.  Secondly, there's competing at a World Champs in NZ, which is awesome in and of itself, and super awesome for a guy who'll be becoming a Daddy the same year. Thirdly, there's getting to spend the winter months (and the new baby months) training for a sprint race, not a half ironman!


Mike Scottt said...

Obviously I'm very interested in baby news BUT Phil qualifying for the Worlds is fantastic news! Congratulations Phil!!! :)

Casie said...

Big congrats to Phil! Yay for names across backsides :)

Lisa @ bakebikeblog said...

congrats to Phil!!! What an awesome result.

ps- Love my Gap maternity items - but only wish that postage was not so crazy :(

runbakerace said...

So exciting for your hubby!!!!!  That's awesome :).  I am loving juice too this pregnancy and normally hate it when non-pregnant.  I am so worried about that glucose test that I'l probably cut it out sooner than later.  Loving #Novemberstreak...it's totally keeping me accountable!