Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 25

What we ate: A good week on the whole; lots of lovely berries and fresh veges, not too many dark peppermint mini slabs... I'm getting worried about the gestational diabetes screening test which is coming up, and fear is making it easier to say no to sugar! I still need to work at getting more protein in during the day- not easy when there's a "pregnancy rule" for everything...

How we moved:  I've started a twitter pact with Lizzy to move our booties every day in November.  It doesn't have to be much to count, so long as we do a little something every day.  For me this is about enjoying the last few weeks of the second trimester before I start suffering from too many aches and pains, and embracing the spring sun before the real summer warmth arrives! This week wasn't as impressive as last week, but it was a bloody busy week now that we've added 2-hour long ante-natal classes every Tuesday, so I'm pleased that #Novemberstreak motivated me to keep going.

Tuesday: 30 minute walk; 10 minutes stretching (am)
Wednesday: 30 min swim (am)
Thursday: 30 min walk; preggy yoga
Friday: 45 min swim
Saturday: 20 min walk; 20 elliptical; 30 min weights (and then a looong day on my feeties)
Sunday: 35 min run between prepping for and going to a friend's baby shower
Monday: 30 minute swim (am) (we slept in...)

Where we went: To the On Your Bike expo on Saturday.  Walking around and chatting for a couple of hours made it a long afternoon, and I was pretty beat afterwards, but it was great fun (and I will hopefully post about some of the fun things we found there later)

What we wore: I love my Pumpkin Patch maternity leggings.  I'm now pretty much out of tops- trying to figure out how long the next size or so up will last, or whether it would be better just to bite the bullet and go maternity.

What we bought / got given:  We bought our stroller, and ordered our cot.  Exciting times!

What changed: Nuttin' really.  Chip grew a little, moved a little more, and bending down got a little harder.[ditto] I also realised for the first time that things like sitting at my desk and doing the dishes are getting a little more awkward!

What stayed the same: Purty much everything! [ditto]

Exciting moments:
I always count down to midwife appointments- hearing the heartbeat and knowing that everything's OK with me and the baby (as far as we can tell) usually gives me a couple of weeks of comfort.  We're moving from 4 weekly to 3 weekly now, and it won't be long before we move to fortnightly- so soon I won't have time to start getting anxious between visits ;)

The other "exciting" thing was starting ante-natal classes (we've started quite early due to the inconveniently timed Christmas break, so will be all done with learning when I'm only 30 weeks), even though they're not exactly enthralling at this stage...

And, because you've been good, and you haven't a bump pic for a while, here's the bump after a quick gym workout this morning (at 25 weeks on the dot):

 (and yes, I am freaked by the fact that this belleh has another 15 weeks of growing to do!)


Angela Noelle said...

Way to go on keeping yourself moving!  Having a motivating buddy is certainly helpful :)  Love the bump!

Casie said...

Love it! Seriously impressive that you're moving everyday. Makes those of us not toting a preggie belly feel a little uh, lazy!

runbakerace said...

You look great!!!!!  I love out Twitter workout pact and it's really making me get out there and move this body.  Even though sometimes it just doesn't want to move at all.  

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

you look STUNNING!!!!

Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

you look STUNNING!!!!