Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hot Potato Chip: Week 24

What we ate: Mostly well with a few exceptions (grain waves when my nausea returned on Monday, a couple of servings of pre-dinner corn chips, and a few Whittakers dark mint mini slabs kindly brought to me by Ally).
How we moved:  Easy and often!  I said goodbye to my cold last weekend, and got to spend the week walking and swimming- with preggy yoga, a couple of gym sessions, and a run thrown in for good measure.  Long may this energy last...
Tuesday: 40 mins elliptical; 35 min walk
Wednesday: 40 min swim
Thursday: 45 min swim;30 min walk; preggy yoga
Friday:30 min walk; 55 min swim
Saturday: 30 min weights; 35 min swim
Sunday:35 min run
Monday: 45 min walk (am); 45 min swim (pm)
What we wore: The excitement for me this week was solving my burgeoning chub rub problem by purchasing a few pairs of cheap cotton "bike" shorts from good old Glassons.  Hello summer skirts, goodbye chafing!  I was also stoked to finally find a pair of maternity shorts I liked- and super stoked when I got them for roughly half price due to the combination of a few different discounts. 
What we bought / got given: I went clothes crazy at the Base yesterday.  Spent a small fortune, and we still don't have everything we need for any stage, but Chip will be two-thirds clothed until he or she is 1. Unless he or she is abnormally small or large, in which case it'll be about 6 months or 18 months :) We also ordered our chest freezer, so I can start preparing freezer meals :)
What changed: Nuttin' really.  Chip grew a little, moved a little more, and bending down got a little harder.
What stayed the same: Purty much everything! 

Exciting moments:
Reaching the 24 week mark, which means that Chip could, theoretically, make it if I went into labour now. This, of course, would not be ideal for many reasons; not least of which is the fact that we do not have nearly enough of the stuff we need to bring a baby home.  Stay in there, buddy!


Lisa @ Bakebikeblog said...

first - girl you are ROCKING these workouts!! I am super impressed :)

second - I discovered the bike shorts trick over the weekend - and it is BLISS!!!!!!

HotpotatoKate said...

It was a SUPER good week- I finally felt like I understood this glowy second trimester business... And you have no idea how relieved I am that someone as trim as you is going the bike shorts route too :) It's amazing what a change in comfort can do for your self esteem.

Casie said...

So good to finally see you having a really strong week.

I never knew the bike shorts thing was so popular...or that chafing was such a problem when pregnant!

HotpotatoKate said...

I think that to some extent it's influenced by having been a triathlete pre-preg; my thighs were already big, but muscly, so now that the muscles are slack and I've added fat, they're monstrous! But others in my facebook / forum group have the same problems, so maybe pregnancy exacerbates the normal female tendency to put weight in the thighs.