Monday, May 11, 2009

Not so awesome

After starting my training with Paul with a real burst of energy and enthusiasm, I've been finding it hard to keep at it for the past couple of weeks. There was the thing with Eric, but a lot of it's just been that ordinary mixture of work deadlines, work drinks, family occasions, rain, darkness, tiredness, rain, chores and general interfering miscellany. My sleeping patterns have suddenly changed from "generally good" to "nightmares with twice-nightly wakeups" and that's thrown me more than I'd hoped it would.

The other obstacle is Phil's injury. He's been my number one training buddy for the past year, so training without him is a bit sad, especially now that weekends are our only time together.

This just feels like a blip, and I suspect that things will look up soon. After our weekend in Wellington this week, we're staying in roughly one place for awhile, which I think will help. Plus, I'll soon have Eric back, and Phil is getting back into the swing of cycling pretty steadily (knock wood).

Anyway- this week is all about spinning and swimming, and going to Wellington (woo!) and lots of running. Onwards ho!

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