Monday, May 25, 2009

A weekly rundown

Monday: REST (planned, but switched from Weds, as I was shattered after our weekend in Welly)

Tuesday: Spinning (strength)... The 8 minute standing intervals are a b*tch. But I can feel them working (at least that's what I'm telling myself!); 20 minute run (easy)

Wednesday: 15 x 100 swim test. Hard but good. Between 1:45 and 1:50 for all reps- could have gone faster I think. Was relieved that it was 15 x 100 rather than 1500 TT, as I'd been out of the pool for awhile!

Thursday: A wee run round the bays after work. Nothing really to report. Pace was 6:08, which is OK for aerobic for me, I think.

Friday: Swimming- 1200m w/up followed by 52 x 25 sprints, including all the medley strokes (yup, that's 1300m. Of sprints. Oh boy) Sprints were fun. I kicked on the backstroke sprints, but was about equal with the other woman in my lane for the free. The hardest part was the underwater sprints which totally wasted my legs. I made it to the second flags on the first one, but never got much past halfway on the others.

Saturday: 1 hour bike with Phil, followed by 20 minute run-off round (and round, and round) Victoria Park. Ride was lovely, but no idea of speed. We felt fast enough! We did part of my wee St Heliers loop, but my directions were terrible ("I don't know, you just go the way that feels right!") so didn't do the whole lot. Felt much better on the wee hills than last time- standing intervals paying off?

Carless weekend, so we had quite a big wander around Ponsonby/K Rd before tea.

Sunday: Lovely (and exciting) walk over the 'arbour in the sun. Was quite tired out after the evening and morning's wandering. I ended up riding inside (for 2.5 hours, not the scheduled 3), first to avoid the traffic buildup due to the Bridge protest (blimmin cyclists always causing trouble for the poor old motorists....), but also because I was worried that Phil had no cellphone so would be unable to rescue me if I fell off/got a flat/whatever, and because I don't really like being away from the husband for 3 hours of our meagre time together. I watched "Across the Universe" (again) and tried to do something (eg standing, one leg, spin, low gear) for the duration of each song.


Britt said...

Sounds like a great week to me!

This weekend was bike mayhem for my tri club and 3 different people all had serious bike trouble that required them to be picked up! So I'm glad you decided not to venture out without a cell phone buddy!!

SUB6 said...

2 and half hours inside? That is dedication! Time seems to go so much slower on the trainer to me.

Aaron said...

Sounds like a good week of training all right!