Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Type A-

I have a confession. I’m not really a type A. More like a Type B+/A- if I’m lucky.

I care quite a lot about the things I do, and I am a pretty big fan of achievement, whether it’s work, money, exercise, weight, grades or whatever. But I’m missing that drive that most real Type As have- I’m a bit slapdash, easily burnt out, kinda lazy and a king procrastinator. In fact, most of my success comes from natural ability, and is nothing to do with hard work.

I enjoy my job, and I get a kick out of working hard and doing it well. But I don’t want to put in the hard yards required to seriously advance in my field.

I like not being fat, but I definitely don’t like being thin enough to forego chocolate, red wine, cheese and the odd cinnamon bun from Snickerdoodles in Oakura (seriously- that place is worth trekking to the ‘Naki for). I don’t think life would be any better if I looked hotter in a bikini, though I do think a little bit of discipline would be worth it if it helped me ride up Tarawera Road a leetle faster than 9km/h!

I like being organised, and I feel incredibly satisfied when I go to bed after a good meal, with the chores all done, lunches ready and “leftovers” in the freezer. But I don’t like it enough to sacrifice my Sunday evening Phil time, or my chillout Monday West Wing DVDs.

I like running and triathlon, and I LOVE getting to that place where I can knock off a 12-14 hour training week and feel awesome. I love races and time trials, and running up giant hills. I love it enough to wake up early every morning (ok, ok most mornings), and enough to dedicate a good chunk of weekend to my training. But I don’t quite love it enough to turn down invitations for it, or to squeeze 3 hour rides in before 9am on a Sunday.

This is OK now, I can just about keep on top of most things without flipping out too often. But what about one day in the not-near but not way distant future when we have kids? I’ll still need these little achievements, but I’m going to need to say goodbye to that chill-out time. I guess I should start practicing Type A now?

PS- I have a major sense of deja vu about this post, but I can't find an earlier version, so apologies if I'm repeating myself


Britt said...

I think thats just enough Type A to be successful and not enough to be anal retentive and majorly stressed out. Good balance there girl. And don't worry - I go up some hills at 9km/hr too :)

Pip said...

Yeah, I don't think this gets you off the Type A hook all together either. In fact I identify with a lot of this post. Just enough Type A to be hard on ourselves when we exhibit less-than A+++ behaviour!

SUB6 said...

My speed up Tarawera was 8km/hr! :( ... I enjoy 3hr rides before 9am. If I ever get to do Ironman they'll be 6hr rides before 9am :)haha

Pip said...

I'm clearly missing out on something here. I'll go ride Tarawera and get back to you!

Kate said...

Pip- riding Tarawera ONLY counts when you ride it at ks 86-88 of the 90k half ironman ride.. Sorry- but you'll have to wait til December!

Cate Subrosa said...

It sounds to me like you have a very balanced attitude to like. Kids need chill-out time too, y'know ;)