Friday, May 15, 2009


We're going to Wellington tomorrow! Only for 2 days- we arrive early Saturday morning and leave on Sunday evening. But, nonetheless- yay!

I have two runs scheduled- 90 on Saturday and 60 on Sunday (I'll probably do it the other way round). Right now I'm trying to come up with a wonderful plan that covers all my favourite running spots- though I don't think that'll be possible, especially since we won't have a car.

We're staying in Northland, so I'm thinking of a hilly suburban 60, taking in some of Tinakori hill, and a Round the Bays 90 (even though the forecast isn't promising me the perfect Wellington day I had in mind)

It's not only running that's hard to decide- where will we eat?! We're going to Elements with our photographer on Saturday morning (PS- planning our album- WOO!), and having dinner with friends on Saturday night. I'm thinking maybe Olive. I'd like to do lunch at Wholly Bagels if we can. Oooh, and a coffee at Mojo... Oh, I can't wait.

Have a great weekend all!


Pip said...

Just a warning - the weather's horrific here - wind gusts of up to 129kmph on Kaukau and pouring rain. It's supposed to be a bit better tomorrow but not perfect by any means. I've decided that it'll be best to skip my planned ride so I'm booked into two RPM.

On Sunday, provided my cold plays nice, I was thinking about joining the Marathon Clinic for a run with the six minute pack. There's a blogger I've been meaning to meet and she's going out with them, but only for an hour. So if I don't feel up to anything longer I can head back with her.

Kate said...

Yeah, I know. I think I'll just have to HTFU, as my weekend rides have already been swapped out for runs... I have run in hideous W-town weather before :)

Britt said...

Woohoo! Have a great trip away :)

SUB6 said...

Have a great time! :)

Anonymous said...

We just saw the Usshers who drove from Wellington yesterday - they said it was the worst winds they have ever experienced travelling with kayaks on the roof, and they had to tie them sideways to stop them from warping!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a great time in Windy Wellington!