Friday, May 08, 2009

Small things

What's been defining my week this week?

Not my poor bike lying alone in bike-intensive care.
Not an exciting career landmark.
Not the surprise visit from my husband last night (though that was by far and away the BEST thing this week)
Not envying all marathon racing blog buddies

Nope- it's my poor toes. On Monday, I wore fins that were too small for 800m of fartlek kick and 600m of backstroke drills. My poor toes were cut to shreds which makes walking, swimming, running and wearing work shoes incredibly, irritatingly painful. It's such a little thing, but it's made quite a difference.

New Plymouth this weekend. Yay!


SUB6 said...

Poor your toes! (as Laura would say) ... that's why I've been avoiding the pool and drills - far too dangerous! :)

Hope they heal quickly. Congrats on the work thingy and enjoy the trip.

Britt said...

Owch!!! I hope they get better soon! (and your bike! The poor thing...)

Aaron said...

Sounds pretty painful!

I secretly suspect women will wear shoes that look good but are a bit impractical to wear - well my wife is like that.

Maybe it applies to flippers too ;)