Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Races! Races!

Paul has given me a few race options. Yay!

At this stage, I'm thinking about doing three events:

1- Contact Duathlon in Auckland on 28 June. Paul thinks this would be good to do, though I'm a little nervous about doing a sprint distance race and a lot scared of being last! Ah well- character building! And it's been AGES since I did a du, so it could be quite fun!

2- Okoroire Mid Winter Fun Ride (70k) on 26 July. Would be my first standalone cycling event, and looks fun.

3- Mizuno Half Marathon on August 2. Only a week after the ride, but Cambridge and Taupo are both easy to get to, I'll be riding easy(ish), and I'd really love to see where my half is at.

Any takers?


Pip said...

There is no way you could possibly be last! I'd love to join in the fun but I'm down for the Harbour Capital half marathon in June and 5 Bridges (August, I think?), and I think I have a duathlon of my own in a month.

Westy said...

There's a run auckland race on the 21st June and 12th July too.

Aaron said...

North Shore City Half Marathon :)
12 July.


The course I did my first half on - scenic but tough.

Britt said...

I was almost last in a few races - it's not as bad as you think it is :) Plus, you're speedy!

Happy racing!

Kathy said...

Taupo Half marathon is a great run. I've done it the last 4years - would do it this year but it happens to be on one of the weekends I am in Auckland for Uni.

Okororie ride is great too, although it seems to attract bad weather!