Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be awesome instead!

Tonight I am working while Phil is out doing his run. Last night I was working while Phil rode home on his bike. On Tuesday, I was working, and I don't actually know what Phil was doing- cos I was working. On Monday I was sick, so I watched West Wing episodes all day while Phil was working, but that doesn't count, so shh!

I quite like working, and I like being busy, and I love that I AM BUSY right now, in the midst of this recession. But when I am working and Phil (...ok, ok, anyone) gets more training time than me, I get absurdly bitter. Like I want to pinch him and pull his hair (if he comments and tells you I sometimes do, ignore him. he lies). The other thing that happens when I work late? I reward myself with chocolate, and cheesy extrusions- y'know, for all those calories I burned NOT working out and sitting on my butt instead.

So, tonight, whenever I look out into the still night, and think of my togs in my bag, and my dinner at home, and the mess that needs to be cleaned up, I am going to...(with me now)


That's right.

Now- back to work.

PS- for those of you who are thinking I should be working, not blogging, please know that this post took me precisely TWO billable units.


Anonymous said...

Be awesome instead!

I do like that - I just wish I could remember it when I'm busy telling myself I suck! lol

SUB6 said...

working late sucks! I feel your frustration!

Britt said...

I eat when I study. Bad idea. That's how I gained 30 pounds in University...eek!